5 Interesting Facts About Boity’s Mom ”Modiehi Thulo”

5 Interesting Facts About Boity’s Mom ”Modiehi Thulo”

Modiehi Thulo is one among SA’s most-loved celeb moms. Some would say she’s equally loved as her daughter Boity, if less .

Interesting Facts About Boity's Mom - Modiehi Thulo
Interesting Facts About Boity’s Mom – Modiehi Thulo

We’ve always known her through her daughter’s social media, but it had been through Boity’s reality show ‘Own Your Throne’ that SA really fell crazy with Modiehi.
Check out five interesting facts about the supermom below.

1. She is nearly 50
Modiehi takes excellent care of herself, hence her youthful looks. The star is currently 49-years-old turning 50.

2. She may be a Prophet
According to her Instagram profile, she may be a certified God appointed healer and a prophet.

3. She Is Controversial
Modiehi may be a woman who isn’t afraid to talk her mind. one among her tweets in 2019 landed her in water. In her post, she said that folks can die from sodomy . This didn’t sit well with most of the people and caused tons of tension on Twitter.

4. She Raised Boity As one Mom
Being one mom isn’t easy. but this woman has done it all. She would choose long without seeing her daughter because she was hustling to supply for her. watching the way Boity clothed , she did an excellent job at being a mom.
5 Interesting Facts About Boity's Mom ''Modiehi Thulo''
5. She may be a Victim Of harassment
Unfortunately like most girls , Modiehi Thulo may be a victim of harassment . She took to her Twitter to reveal that she had to go away her previous job because her HR manager kept harassing her and her CEO did nothing about it. As a result, she lost everything.