A prospective joint cooperation confirmed by Nasty C And Big Sean

A prospective joint cooperation confirmed by Nasty C And Big Sean

It is confirmed the hip-hop world can breathe after Nasty C and large Sean confirm that they’re going to release a collaborative single together.

Nasty C and large Sean went on Twitter to verify that much anticipated single between the 2 of them following their individual releases that didn’t have one featuring one another on their albums. Nasty C released the most important release of the year, or of the month of August with the discharge of his new album, “Zulu Man With Some Power.”

Ahead of the discharge one among the features that were rumored would be a part of the album was a feature with Big Sean. But when the album was released, fans of the both leading hip-hop artists were disappointed to seek out that the feature with Big Sean didn’t make the cut. Listeners to the album listened to songs like “Zone” featuring Tellaman, “Feeling” and “Overpriced Steak” claiming that the songs would be even bigger if Nasty C had featured the rapper on them.

This past Friday, 4 September 2020, Big Sean released his own much anticipated album, “Detroit 2.” Like with Nasty C’s release, many fans were disappointed to seek out out that Big Sean had not featured Nasty C on any of the tracks on the album. this is often despite Big Sean releasing the track list of the album before the discharge confirming that Nasty C wasn’t a part of the album.

With no word from either camps about what happened to the collaboration that was wanted by fans of the hip-hop artists, many speculated that there was drama between two behind the scenes. Nasty C had not addressed the matter on social media following his release, despite some tweeps asking about the matter on the issue in his mentions. It took the discharge of massive Sean’s album for the interest be finally addressed.

A tweep took to the Sean Don’s timeline to ask when can fans expect a collaboration between them. The post was accompanied by a throwback image of the 2 together in the studio. Big Sean not only confirmed that they were still on speaking terms by pertaining to Nasty C as his “dawg,” but confirmed that they had worked on the song but never finished it by adding, “We got to finish something.”

The “Zulu Man” replied to the post by confirming the collaboration with emojis. He went on to feature that, “That D2 are some things special big homie.” Now fans of the artists just got to await a remix or a replacement single from either camp to listen to what a Nasty C and large Sean collaboration seems like.