Accusing Makhadzi of sexually harassing men

Accusing Makhadzi of sexually harassing men

Video clips of Makhadzi working on stages always receive standing ovations.

Accusing Makhadzi of sexually harassing men

The Matorokisi hitmaker’s performances are always bursting with energy and her style is unmatched. However, a video clip that has since gone viral of the Limpopo-born hitmaker was deemed disturbing for several and a few called it harassment at its highest level.

A video clip that was shared by SA Clout on their Instagram page sees Makhadzi working at a recent event. Her male audience members are often seen wrestling to share the stage together with her, but one “lucky” man got the experience of his life and therefore the whole world needs to see it.

Makhadzi was performing one of her biggest hits and was dancing with the male fan. She got a touch too excited and played with the man’s crotch. Social media freaked out and questioned what would be the result had it been a male artist doing such to a female fan.

The level of Gender-Based Violence within the country doesn’t allow people to condone her behavior.

“If it had been a female this was getting to be a special story,” a Twitter user commented.

“Where are the social activists when a person is being harassed like this, eish what’s harassment?”

“Makhadzi is sexually harassing this guy, cause vele all that matters to him is that he’s on the stage,” another wrote.

“Imagine if this was a person doing this to (a) woman. My thoughts exactly, Twitter would have that guy’s head on a plate as we speak. Mara coz (but because) we are guys we are expected to only enjoy the instant and not think an excessive amount of about what’s actually being done to you…” another commented.

Makhadzi has not commented on the uproar but she stays enjoying her wins, and she or he sure features a lot of them.

Recently she trended after congratulating her ex-boyfriend Master KG on his latest win. The Jerusalem hitmaker recently won Icon of The Year At The SA Style Awards. Whilst his win puzzled many that don’t see him as a really fashion-forward person, his ex-girlfriend sees him befitting of that title.

Makhadzi commented on his wins by saying, “Congratulations mukwasha.” Many of her followers flooded her comments section hoping to seek out out the direct translation for Mukwasha. Google translator says the word means ‘son-in-law.’ Many of her followers agreed that indeed it means son-in-law.’
Accusing Makhadzi of sexually harassing men
However, some delved deeper into the meaning of the word. A user suggests the traditional meaning of the word saying it actually means “a one that broke your virginity.”

“Y’all are crazy truth meaning of ‘moksha’ in Venda is that the one that broke the virginity. it had been son-in-law within the olden days because they were still virgins before marriage,” @Dibzo2 wrote.

Which begs the question: Are these two back together?

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