AKA is the role model that Nasty C follows in everything

AKA is the role model that Nasty C follows in everything

It is without a doubt that Nasty C is one of the most important artists in the country.

AKA is the role model that Nasty C follows in everything

His star power is unmatched and his career goes places even beyond anybody’s imagination. One rapper who understands Nasty’s loading GOAT status is AKA who has always sung his praises.

For some, he may need to take it a touch too far when he likened Nasty to the late and great Pro Kid. The rapper whose real name is Linda Mkhize lost his life two years ago on August 8, 2018. His music still lives on beyond his time and once you check out the Hip Hop fraternity within the country, his influence is extremely evident.

Nasty C has had one of the simplest years of his career this year. From signing with a world record label company to releasing a really successful album Zulu Man With Some Power, he even features a documentary on Netflix called, Nasty is certainly on a roll.

The rapper left many amazed when he signed a seriously affected American record label, Def Jam Recordings. This alliance was made possible through a venture with Universal Music Africa. Nasty even got his own Spotify Billboard all the way in Times Square in NY.

There has never been any animosity between the Bhovamania rapper and Nasty C. AKA being the one with the foremost experience advised Nasty to not conform and do whatever he wants. Supa Mega responding to a tweet told Nasty C “Don’t make an equivalent mistake as me…do WHATEVER. THE FUXK. YOU WANT.” the 2 rappers have had quite the connection over the years but have maintained some respect for every other throughout it all.

Now, Bhova shook the web when he compared the 2 rappers. the web wasn’t impressed with the comparison saying they both big in their own ways.

“If you think that about it … isn’t Nasty C the 2020 Pro Kid?” he asked. “Nasty may be a solidified God in my eyes ALONE on the strength of the walls he’s tryna knockdown,” he added.

He even ran a poll that has received over 18K votes. Pro Kid is leading but AKA still remains adamant that Nasty is of an equivalent league as he was.

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