AKA mocks That Reebok’s deal, calling them idiots

AKA mocks That Reebok’s deal, calling them idiots

AKA has celebrated the 1 year anniversary of his very own signature sneaker that he collaborated with Reebok.

AKA mocks That Reebok's deal, calling them idiots

the instant was however bitter-sweet as he was reminded about the failed deal which was getting to see him 7-figure richer but instead he didn’t even get a cent.

Even though he’s pleased with his sneaker turning a year old, AKA couldn’t hide his anger at how Reebok two-timed him. Last year he spoke about how they canceled his distribution of the blue because they wanted to require a special direction.

“At the top of last year they told me they wouldn’t be renewing my contract because “the brand” wasn’t about the Reebok “classic” direction anymore … they were now geared towards selling gym clothes to women predominantly,” he wrote.

All of this happened after the rapper had jetted off to the states to satisfy up with the bosses and sign the contract.

AKA revealed that he doesn’t want to require them to court because karma is doing all the work for him. consistent with him, Reebok isn’t doing so well and he believes that if they let him continue with their signed contract and paid the royalties to him, people would still be supporting their company.

“When they write these articles they use the image of MY sneaker. MY design. Not none of that bullshit running, CrossFit shit they pushing.”

Responding to a lover who advised him to require them to court because they’re making money from his diligence he responded by saying, “I’m not getting to court for sh*t. I just [want] everyone to understand that their brand is wack and no-one f**ks with it any longer. Thanks.”

After reading about the likelihood of the sneaker company being sold by Adidas because it suffered immensely thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, AKA found it rather interesting and he weighed in.

“Interesting. It’s important to recollect that the businesses you’re employed for, while you would possibly be during a position of influence, you ultimately have a boss, and that they have a boss and that they even have a boss. Nobody is my boss tho, so I do as I please. Cheers.”

He also spoke about how his sneaker could have helped the brand survive getting the chop.

“Shame. they ought to have let me design my very own range and provides me royalties. Maybe they wouldn’t be within the sh***er,” AKA tweeted.

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