AKA mourning his favorite team’s defeat

AKA mourning his favorite team’s defeat

The past weekend’s sport was on another level, from Rugby to soccer to the London Marathon.

AKA mourning his favorite team's defeat

But the one sport that dominated the social media streets was English Premier League when two major teams lost to their not-so-popular rivals by huge scores. Manchester United and Liverpool were demolished.

It is no secret that AKA is a fanatical sports enthusiast and he isn’t shy about it either when he isn’t making dope music within the studio, he’s watching his favourite teams like all ordinary dude. Yesterday wasn’t an excellent day for the rapper as his team was thrashed 6 – 1 by Tottenham Hotspurs.

“I started watching United in 1996 … altogether my years … this is often the worst I’ve ever seen.”
“It’s games like these where I actually hope Spurs hammer us like 6-1 so this club can wake the fuck up!!!!”
In his rants, AKA seemed extremely over his team and therefore the club management also, he Tweeted a series of Tweets to lambast and call his team out for his or her unprofessionalism and mismanagement. As things got worse within the game, AKA’s Tweets came flying in also. Mans was really frustrated and wasn’t prepared to even entertain his fans once they disagreed together with his Man United views.

One player who isn’t in AKA’s good books at the instant is Paul Labile Pogba, Supa Mega has no patience for the Frenchman and made bound to make his views known that he would rather see the player gone.

“Since he signed … besides the town game … has he ever controlled the tempo? Taken the sport by the scruff of the neck? I don’t remember seeing him bossing, not even once.”
“If he’s such a godly, he should be ready to adapt. He loses the ball soooooo repeatedly .”
AKA mourning his favorite team's defeat
If there’s one thing we will make certain of, it’s that Supa Mega isn’t afraid to share his views about his favourite teams and he’s very hooked into it also. Which is what we’ll expect on his DStv Live Instagram takeovers within the next few weeks.

AKA announced on his Instagram recently that he will have the honour of taking up the Springboks Instagram channel for the subsequent four weeks to speak about Rugby and therefore the making of the Chasing The Sun documentary. AKA will have a special guest from one among our boys in green and gold hebdomadally.