AKA preoccupies itself with its pain and pain by posting it online

AKA preoccupies itself with its pain and pain by posting it online

There’s no doubting that AKA’s BHOVAMANIA album has been a powerful success, despite all the hate, he has managed to shut his haters down.
AKA preoccupies itself with its pain and pain by posting it online

Supa Mega has lived up to his word and released BHAVAMANIA, the chart-topping album has been at no 1 on 5 different Southern African Development Communities, something that rarely happens.

“#1 ACROSS ALL GENRES. GOD IS GREAT. EAT MY DUST. immediately …. as in …. immediately.”

The 13 song album tracklist on BHOVAMANIA has fans thoroughly satisfied. One song especially that grabbed the eye of the general public was Mufasa, which is suspected to reference his arch-enemy, Cassper Nyovest.

In a recent interview with Slikour on Onlife Radio, the Mufasa said he has been training very hard to defeat AKA within the prize ring and settle their beef. When Slikour told him that AKA has also been posting videos of him at the gym Cassper dissed him and said he’s not even boxing and said he punches like Connie Ferguson.

“That’s not even boxing bro, that’s like Connie Ferguson does that stuff… I’m really gonna hurt him,” he said.

AKA responded by saying Connie would kick his as*, ”

“That’s funny …. because Connie Ferguson would kick his as*.”

Despite the hate, Supa Mega has been trolling on Twitter and responding to haters one-by-one. He has been celebrating and reminding everyone that his album is doing well, because of Legacy. All the haters are busy having chest pains because they thought his album would flop., while Legacy has been pushing numbers and defending their own.

“BREAKING NEWS: The numbers are in and it’s official …. it’s Britney Bitch.”

“It’s very nice once you see hate on Twitter but once you check the charts, it’s a special story…. uhm kana what’s it called? Oh yes, BRAGGING DIFFERENT. #BHOVAMANIA #BHOVAMANIAEP”

AKA has just been thanking his very supportive lovers while on the necks of his doubters and haters, ensuring that all of them eat their words.

“Shout bent the LEGACY in FIJI”

“You said I need to come to speak to you tomorrow …. here we are. Entertain us.”

“Do I feel it slaps? let me put it like this … great art is usually polarizing. You either really fucking hate it otherwise you REALLY like it. The worst thing would be if someone asked you … what does one believe #BHOVAMANIA? And you said… I don’t believe it.”

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