AKA prepare his daughter Kairo For The fame

AKA prepare his daughter Kairo For The fame

AKA reckons that his famous daughter Kairo Forbes is going to be getting an equivalent treatment he’s currently getting from people.

The ‘child star’ has already had a glimpse of what fame seems like and therefore the rapper wants to organize her for it.
AKA prepare his daughter Kairo For The fame

She currently sits at 1 million Instagram followers and has partnered with Dstv Kenya and M-Net to host a play date to celebrate the screening of Frozen 2.

Kairo Forbes is about to realize bigger things and her father goes to form sure that she is well prepared to handle the pressure and hate that fame brings. Knowing that fame comes with a price, he will ensure hid daughter knows that.

Speaking to Sizwe Dhlomo on Kaya FM AKA said; “My daughter has about a million followers on Instagram immediately. People are getting to do the precise same thing they did to me to my daughter. I hope people know that. My daughter will get older knowing these people aren’t your friends. it is a transaction. You give them something and that they offer you something.”

The pair talked about family and therefore the importance of it with AKA saying he’s not willing to form drastic changes which will keep him far awayAKA prepare his daughter Kairo For The fame from his daughter and mother.

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