AKA releases its new movie, trying to overcome the previous crisis

AKA releases its new movie, trying to overcome the previous crisis

AKA is currently giving people the “BHOVAMANIA” experience, but it looks like the road to the soft life has already been met with some not-so-soft bumps on the road.

AKA releases its new movie, trying to overcome the previous crisis

This past week, AKA finally unveiled his much anticipated going-to-save-the-rap-game EP, “BHOVAMANIA.” The EP was alleged to have unlocked the summer and eventually provided hip-hop lovers with the soundtrack back to the culture. However, it’s officially been every week and that we here at Zalebs hear that perhaps Mega has been overtaken by a particular Davido on the charts; then maybe a particular DJ Zinhle has beaten him on the radio charts.

So it’s safe to mention that perhaps a particular “the other guy” has beaten him with album/ EP sales, as “the other guy’s” album lasted four weeks on top of the charts? But that “L” wouldn’t count, considering that AKA takes his win when it involves merchandise. One thing about the BHOVAMANIA merchandise is that it slaps, and consensus has agreed. The matter is undisputed considering that our other faves really did just provide a t-shirt with the album cover thereon for over R300.00.

So after a disappointing EP launch that did not match the hype of the promotional campaign, fans were all looking forward to the “BHOVAMANIA Full Catalogue One Night Only Never Been Done Before”- yes it’s that long a name- experience. A concert that was alleged to happen this past Friday, 13 November 2020. But did it?

At the ultimate hour, AKA released a press release stating that the concert has been postponed. Why you’ll ask? Well, partially the statement read;

“As we’re sure that you’re already aware, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to the necessity for social distancing to assist prevent the spread. For this reason, the T Effect (management company) and Zone 6 have made the difficult decision to postpone the “BHOVAMANIA Full Catalog One Night Only Never Been Done Before” to Friday, 4th December.”

So a concert planned during the pandemic is postponed thanks to the pandemic… Make it add up. But Mega was clearly unbothered because the rapper replaced performing for fans for an evening out with a girlfriend, Nelli Tembe. The rapper shared a picture of the young beauty, suggesting that she is that the inspiration behind his confusing newly released banana-flavored Cruz Vodka. A sweet gesture, but what’s the consensus about the drink again?

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