AKA says that in order to achieve anything in this life, you must pray

AKA says that in order to achieve anything in this life, you must pray

Musician and rapper AKA took to Twitter to send love and lightweight to workers facing difficulties under the coronavirus lockdown.

AKA says that in order to achieve anything in this life, you must pray

The Fela In Versace hitmaker, who has recently gone into the hospitality business with the Durban-based club and restaurant Cuba BLK, has wished workers well through the trying days of Covid-19.

In a heartfelt dedication, the rapper said he’s praying that everything is going to be OK for those that add to the hospitality and entertainment industries.

He also shared some advice, reminding all folks to stay our wits about ourselves and, most significantly, to be resourceful.

“Hey, restaurant, shebeen owners, workers, waiters, waitresses, artists, DJs or generally anyone within the hospitality and/or show business … I’m brooding about you and praying everything goes to be OK. Stay Strong, Be Resourceful … sending you’re keen on,” wrote AKA.

Many fans were touched by the message and love and hope from AKA.

Workers banded together to share the strife and troubles the pandemic has put them through.

“We aren’t coping in the least. I work for a cruise liner and that we last worked in March, no work no pay, and that we have families counting on us. this is often just an excessive amount of,” wrote one user.

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Recently, AKA has been taking to the web to share his social commentary on the devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Just last month, the artist-cum-businessman came under attack for claiming that asymptomatic carriers of the virus might not even have Covid-19.

“Where is that the proof someone can infect another person with a deadly virus without showing any symptoms of the virus they’re carrying? Does that even make sense? How does that even sound logical?” he tweeted.

This led Twitter into a frenzy, leaving his opinion and analysis highly debated on the TL.

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