AKA threatens to kill Cassper, forcing him to sign papers

AKA threatens to kill Cassper, forcing him to sign papers

After Cassper Nyovest has been sub-Tweeting AKA and shading him for his or her much-anticipated fight, it looks like his opponent knows nothing about it.

AKA threatens to kill Cassper, forcing him to sign papers

His long-time rival AKA is clueless about the fight and doesn’t seem to even know when or where it’s happening.

The rapper Tweeted…

“I open twitter today and see the fight is occurring at the Dome in 2020? … someone explain. Please.”

Considering that just a couple of months ago, he was the one pushing for a fight with Mufasa, it’s odd that AKA knows nothing about the match. In March AKA Tweeted;

“The truth is … the rationale the guy has stepped up his social media assault on me is because we are negotiating a contract with EFC for us to possess a match in Sep. there. You heard it first from me.”

AKA even teased details of the September 2020 fight and mentioned that it had been getting to be organized by the Extreme Fighters Championship (EFC) and Supersport. He even went as far as accusing Cassper Nyovest of delaying the fight, which can see them each earning a minimum of 1,000,000 because he refused to sign the contract.

AKA went as far as screenshotting a DM he sent Cassper, where he was warning him to not “chicken out”.

“I’m getting to f****** kill you therein ring…sign the papers and shut your mouth”, he wrote.
So, it came as a surprise to everyone when Supa Mega wasn’t conscious of the fight, which can apparently happen at the Dome, consistent with Cassper Nyovest. Even DJ Tira was confused but his fans quickly called him out for meddling in AKA and Cassper’s business.

“I thought you signed the contract”

Could AKA be backing out of the much-anticipated fight? Whatever he’s up to, Cassper Nyovest wasn’t pleased about it and he called him out for it.

“Habana… Now your browser doesn’t wanna fight anymore when talking wild? After swearing at my parents and telling me to sign the contract? Wow.. anyway… Let me just mind my business and train incase kerosene o di tsubile gape and he wants to fight again.”
Fans decided to spotlight to Cassper that he was the primary to back off back in March when AKA asked him to sign the contract for his or her fight, now that he’s ready, he wants to pretend that AKA has been delaying right along.