An update on Ndlovu’s murder through a snake where his parents said so.

An update on Ndlovu’s murder through a snake where his parents said so.

An update on Ndlovu's murder through a snake where his parents said so.

An evil snake killed our son! These were the words of Ndlovu’s devastated parents after his passing over the weekend.


The artist and entertainer were affectionally referred to as Ndlovu wayigeqeza or UNdlovu was Bhai. He became fashionable in his hit song Pokolina and his debut album, Kubo.

His clips are played daily on Skhumba’s Throwback Thursday on SABC1.

Mum Nandipha (36) said the 12-year-old, affectionately referred to as Ndlovu wayigeqeza, was killed by an evil brown, shiny snake.

“He fell sick about four months ago,” she said.

“He began to suffer from a sort of epilepsy and his condition became worse at the start of this month.

“He couldn’t walk or talk. once we were changing his bed on Friday we found the snake in his blankets.”

Ndlovu’s father Siyathemba Nombombo (36) said he chased the snake into the yard and saw it had a shell.

He said: “This proved the snake had been in our house a few times. I did manage to kill it.”

Siyathemba said it had been a few meters long.

The mum said because the snake was being killed the child puked a thick, brown, and glossy substance and struggled to breathe.

“We rushed him to Dora Nginza Hospital and he was in ICU,” she said

“I went back on Saturday and doctors said he was doing well.

“They said it seemed like pneumonia or a lung infection. But we were called at about 6 pm and told our son had died.”

Nandipha said sangoma and prophets had told them the child’s illness was caused by snakes.

“They said two evil snakes had caused his illness, which was why he couldn’t walk or speak. This was done by jealous people,” she said.

The parents had no idea how they were getting to bury Ndlovu – they survived on his disability grant and money Siyathemba made up of erecting shacks.

“We appeal for help from anyone who can help us give our son an honest funeral,” said Nandipha.

The adorable young musician and his parents lived in a humble Bayland squatter camp in Port Elizabeth but instantly made his way into Mzansi people’s hearts.

-Daily Sun

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