Anele Mdoda slams Back At Rape vindicator

Anele Mdoda slams Back At Rape vindicator

Anele Mdoda is clearly uninterested in men being trash and took to Twitter to form sure that each single man on the app knows that she has had enough.

Anele Mdoda slams Back At Rape vindicator

The Queen of Breakfast radio has been capturing the trends list this past week for her own demons that still catch up together with her . quite once this past week, Anele was within the trends list. Why? Kelly Rowland posted on the social media and has become custom the personalities name trended as South Africans remind her how she dragged Kelly alleging that without makeup “its tickets” for Kelly.

In the past, Anele had entertained the trolling that she would experience for comments and lack of apology for the unsolicited drag on Kelly Rowland. But now the 94.7 personality acts she doesn’t see the trolling until it dies down, and she or he can actually interact together with her followers on something either than Kelly Rowland.

This is what happened together with her latest tweet. The acclaimed broadcaster went on Twitter and shared her commentary on the tragic story of an adolescent that was repeatedly rape by eleven men. Anele was clearly triggered by the story as she took to her timeline and rhetorically asked that men applauded and attend sleep peacefully knowing that “there may be a 17 year old girl who is healing from being raped by 11 men!”

The story of the teenager may be a tragic one. The girl was walking home when she was accosted by a gaggle of men that dragged her to a secluded area and raped her. Following the primary group of men, other groups of men would alternate doing an equivalent heinous crime. what’s worse is that there has been no arrest of the culprits and no leads either. The story would explain Anele’s frustration over the matter, especially considering the context in our country.

As expected when women post about the “Men Are Trash” movement, a flood of male social media users fancy the precise timeline and cut in that, “Not All Men.” But tweeps were quick to clarify and explain the politics behind the “Men Are Trash” movement. However, Anele made it clear that she is going to not entertain rape apologist with a clap back that a lot of applauded to at least one male social media user suggesting that “not all men.”

source: zalebs