Ayanda Borotho is sad about her children’s failure in the mother tongue


Ayanda Borotho is sad about her children’s failure in the mother tongue

Isibaya actress Ayanda Borotho has re-ignited the heated debate over the Afrikaans language dominating schools and other sectors within the country.

Ayanda Borotho is sad about her children's failure in the mother tongue

She has taken to Instagram to post a heated video where she expressed her frustration over her children failing a whole term simply because they failed Afrikaans as a second language.

The video sparked a conversation on social media and therefore the topic spread to not only schools but in other avenues like the agricultural and company sectors. People shared their own frustrations and experiences when applying for jobs which clearly exclude certain races due to their requirements.

Ayanda started the video by saying she feels defeated at what transpired together with her children, “I feel trapped, I feel imposed on, I feel somewhat despondent and defeated because during this day and age in 2020 we are still having the conversation about Afrikaans being taught at schools.

“My children speak three languages Sesotho and isiZulu properly … with English they manage and actually when it involves the curriculum as a language they are doing well in it for people that are fully exposed to the language [English] a few years ago. They get Cs and Bs.”

She slams the schooling system for not offering other indigenous languages in schools because the country boasts of 11 official languages. “Why is that this Afrikaans being imposed on us?”

Ayanda also slams those that say parents have an option to take their kids to a faculty that gives certain languages. She said she has no desire to disadvantaging her children by waking them up within the early hours of the morning because they live very far away from their schools.

“Yet, here’s a language which may be the fourth language, you fail my children because they failed Afrikaans? And you fail them, having aced maths, having aced other subjects … you fail my children on the idea of failing Afrikaans as a second language?” she said as her emotions run high.

“Why is that this language being imposed on us and our children? Why don’t we’ve options at schools? If you fail Afrikaans you fail the entire year? In 2020? Our leaders should address this,” she said adding that the language dominates within the country whilst only 5% speak it.

Tagging the Pan South African Language Board, Ayanda captioned her video “Afrikaans in 2020? I want some balancing, please. I’m actually quite ticked off by this. It makes no sense. In essence, you’ll ace Maths, fail Afrikaans and fail the term but if you fail Maths and ace Afrikaans, you pass through? What can we call that? you cannot fail children on the idea of not speaking YOUR language. it’s systematic exclusion!”

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