Beyonce’s choice for Nampetha bin Mazawi was the right decision

Beyonce’s choice for Nampetha bin Mazawi was the right decision

Beyonce's choice for Nampetha bin Mazawi was the right decision

The past weekend left many Africans beaming proudly as their screens were graced by their very own artists alongside Beyoncé within the singer’s Black is King visual album and musical film.

One such local actress is Namitha Ben-Mazwi. Hailing from Port Elizabeth, Lady Nam, as she is popularly known, is not any stranger to rubbing shoulders with international stars. She has starred opposite Laurence Fishburne in Madiba and also within the US hit show Black Mirror.

Speaking to DRUM, the 30-year-old actress says being handpicked by Queen Bey to be a part of the Black is King cast was meant to be.

“How I connected with Black is King is just about a story of God intervening. I used to be meant to be in it and God made it happen because there’s no long story about how it happened,” she says.

“I was handpicked, Beyoncé handpicked me to be in her video. Of course, I got this through my agent Moonyeenn Lee who is now unfortunately late [the scout gave up the ghost on 18 July]. She was the casting director for Black is King,” Namitha tells us.

On working with one of the leads within the film, Nandi Madida, Namitha describes the experience as “amazing”.

“Working with my girl Nandi was amazing. We’ve been friends since varsity and we’ve come an extended way. We had such a lot of fun on set and that I honestly desire everyone who was picked to get on that team, including the crew and makeup artist, was a ball of energy. I used to be surrounded by great people with beautiful hearts. We honestly felt like we were doing something incredible because it had been such gorgeous energy and that we were all there in purpose and for what we represent,” Namitha explains.

Having been at the forefront of advocating for dark-skin magic through her women’s empowerment movement – #SheSpeaksByLadyNam, which was established in 2018 – her family of followers, predominantly girls and young women, aspire to be like her and woman Nam says Black is King is an extension of what she believes in, which is “dark skin magic”.
Beyonce's choice for Nampetha bin Mazawi was the right decision

“As Nina Simone says, ‘An artist’s duty is to reflect the times’. So, for me, this was such a private message. it had been an extension of my purpose as an artist and what I represent . on behalf of me to ascertain the reaction, it truly validates that I’m truly doing what I used to be meant to try to which [for] every lass, I endeavor to vary their lives through that video. Seeing that magic of darkness being celebrated and adored. Having a history of being teased and having self-esteem issues once I was younger due to the color of my skin, it’s great to be a part of a production with such an honest message that says, ‘black is king’,” Namitha shares.

Being a devotee of fashion, the actress says her favorite part about being within the international video was the costumes.

“I absolutely loved the costumes. Putting on those dresses and beaded wigs made us feel so regal. I immediately felt so converted within the sense that I owned my power. That on behalf of me was truth essence of how powerful art is in every single form,” she says.

During the coronavirus lockdown, Lady Nam says she’s been ready to find opportunities she wouldn’t have tapped into.

“I’m excited because when the pandemic started it had been challenging on behalf of me, but I tapped into the entrepreneur in me. The pandemic has been a present. The artist in me has been ready to hamper and make and dig deeper into my craft. The entrepreneur in me saw a niche within the market to use my movement to push for a digital show which will spread my message,” she tells us.

Since the pandemic, Namitha has hosted her #SheSpeaksByLadyNam series on Instagram sleep in association with the worldwide Citizen Organization in support of the #TogetherAtHome campaign.

On Saturday 8 August, she’ll be chatting to Elsa Mpho Majimbo, a Kenyan comedienne who rose to fame through her funny viral videos. The theme is Being Unapologetic in Your Own Skin and therefore the interview will go live at 5 pm.
Beyonce's choice for Nampetha bin Mazawi was the right decision