Black Coffee is the first in its field to see who will be the successor

Black Coffee is the first in its field to see who will be the successor

It’s no secret that Black Coffee’s name is among the large leagues within the industry and has definitely earned the respect he gets.

Black Coffee is the first in its field to see who will be the successor

His diligence has gained him the international recognition he’s receiving allowing him to form allies with big names.

Who can forget that legendary video clip of Black Coffee playing at the 2019 Oscars after-party hosted by Queen Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z. Or that other memorable clip of Canadian rapper Drake fanning out Black Coffee as he’s playing at a gig? Those were two of the moments that elevated Black Coffee’s GOAT status.

Recently Cassper sat down with Slikour and revealed why he sees Black Coffee as his inspiration. He was left enthused at how far the DJ has come and every one the good things he has achieved.

Cassper revealed that Black Coffee has both these international stars’ numbers on speed dial! The rapper told the previous rapper Slikour, that Coffee has occasional chats with Drake and Jay Z from time to time. As a rapper himself who is slowly making his mark within the international scene, Cass jokingly stated how he’d wish to send a voice not of himself rapping and send the clip to Drake.

“The same way I showed you WhatsApp conversation with Anthony Hamilton, Black Coffee showed me conversations with Drake. He was like, “I was lecture Drake…”, I’m like “Whaaat the f*ck?” said the rapper.

He then revealed that he saw a conversation Coffee had with Jay Z just having a friendly chat, with Jay asking Coffee where he’s.

“He showed me texts with Jay-Z the opposite day. He was lecture Jay-Z and Jay-Z was asking him where is he within the world, imagine. Imagine getting a text from Jigga saying ‘Yo man, I don’t even know where you’re within the world but I’m tryna do this’ and I’m like you!”

Drake had previously sampled Black Coffee’s Superman featuring Bucie a couple of years back. He did a song with Jorja Smith called catch on Together.

The rapper even chilled with the Carter’s at Diddy’s mansion a couple of years back and explained that as a defining moment in his career. He revealed on Trending SA that it stems from his eagerness to work with certain people in his career.Black Coffee is the first in its field to see who will be the successor

“Most of my defining moments are more personal. I check out myself and therefore the things i would like to realize. as an example, being at Puff Diddy’s house comes from who do I would like to figure with,” said the DJ.

“Getting a text from Jay-Z to play at his party are some things I can not post because it isn’t a gig and more things begin of it. Most of the items that I achieve are personal,” he said.

Coffee has secured his place at the large leagues’ table as he had shared snaps of him mingling and sharing drinks with Nas, Alicia Keys, and Swizz Beats, just to call a couple of.

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