Bob Mabena to be mention at memorial service in Johannesburg

Bob Mabena to be mention at memorial service in Johannesburg

Friends and family are expected to return together on Thursday to recollect late radio and television legend Bob Mabena at a memorial service in Johannesburg.

The star, who hosted several major radio and television shows during a career spanning over 30 years, died on Monday after suffering a asystole .
Bob Mabena to be mention at memorial service in Johannesburg

News of his death sent shock waves across the state , and left his family devastated.

“The family are at a stage where it’s beginning to settle in. As you’ll imagine, it had been traumatic for everybody once we all acknowledged initially. it’s a roller-coaster ride, emotionally,” family spokesperson Winston Maimane told TshisaLIVE earlier in the week .

Mourners will still pay tribute at the memorial service, set to start out at 3 pm on Thursday afternoon.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, attendance at the memorial is going to be limited to 50 people and it’ll run about one hour. Guests are expected to stick to strict health and safety protocols, including wearing masks and appropriate social distancing.

A broadcast of the memorial are going to be aired on the facility 98.7 website.

Bob’s funeral are going to be persisted Saturday at 12.30 pm, with a live broadcast of the service also airing on the radio station’s website.

POWER 98.7 and Bob’s family acknowledged that they shared Bob with the state and encouraged those that were mourning him to carry their own virtual memorial services for the star.

Bob Mabena
Bob Mabena

“We recognise and appreciate that Mr Bob Mabena belonged to several South Africans, thanks to the lockdown regulations we’ll not be ready to accommodate all people that might need to pay their final respects. We wish to encourage people to be happy and found out their own virtual memorial services in his honour.”

Recounting a number of his last days, Winston told TshisaLIVE that Bob first fell ill on Friday, and was later admitted to hospital. He spent Saturday and Sunday in hospital receiving treatment and was told he would be discharged on Monday morning.

However, he stopped breathing shortly after being discharged.

“I got a call from his wife while they were still driving home to mention that he had basically just stopped breathing. She said that they had just left the hospital then I told her to form a U-turn and take him back.

“We all rushed there, me and a few other friends of his, and that we sat together with his wife and four-year-old child for 2 hours while they tried to resuscitate him. Eventually, around two within the afternoon, they confirmed that he had passed.