Boity and Maps create a wonderful love story

Boity and Maps create a wonderful love story

If there’s one celebrity couple that everybody would like to see being together it’s Boity Thulo and Maps Maphonyane.

Boity and Maps create a wonderful love story

the 2 BFF always looks good together, they always support one another, and that they are both successful in their respective rights.

Maps posted a video of his mother showering Boity with compliments and love for sending her a present, a Pink Sapphire gift pack. within the video, Maps tells Boity that his mother sends her love. Halo Heritage the new leading creators of luxurious natural haircare and fine fragrances for his or her first official product launch of Boity’s Pink Sapphire — a proudly South African, premium, first-of-its-kind Eau de perfume developed together with actress, musician, entrepreneur, and elegance star Boity Thulo. Pink Sapphire is best described as an ode to powerful, modern, African queens, making Boity most fitting in her role as partner and muse.

Boity skilled the love shown by Maps Mother with a sweet message.

“Tell Mama I really like her too! Very much! I hope she enjoys the goodies.”

Recently after launching her first celebrity fragrance Boity Pink Sapphire, orders started coming in left, right, and center. She managed to sell 1000 bottles of her new fragrance, pre-sale. Following the successful launch, her bestie Maps, took to his Instagram to congratulate her on her recent success. albeit his post-family-zoned Boity, there’s definitely some love and affection between the 2. He wrote…
Boity and Maps create a wonderful love story
“Family Tings: After a dope launch and selling out on her preorders, I could not be more pleased with you on creating this world-class fragrance Boity. You’ve put your heart and soul into it, and it’s beautiful to ascertain how #BoityPinkSapphire is now a reality.”

Maps Maponyane is additionally quite a busy man himself and whenever he achieves something, Boity is usually there to support and celebrate him. She was at the opening of his first Buns Out also, where they posted an intimate selfie that sent speculations of their romance flying across social media.

The two seem to be very close and would definitely make a successful family, Boity has even hinted multiple times that she is prepared for a family and marriage and knows exactly how she would want her man to propose to her. Hint, hint Maps!

Whatever the reasons could also be on why these two haven’t made it official is beyond us, all we all know is that their mothers love them together and are able to join the Thulo and Maponyane families.