Boity is absolutely uncompromising in its requests

Boity is absolutely uncompromising in its requests

Rapper, actress, businesswoman, and reality star, Boitumelo ‘Boity’ Thulo says she wants R200k for Valentine’s day!

Boity is absolutely uncompromising in its requests

It all began when a lover of the 4436 stars asked her on Twitter: “@Boity, o batting ka Valentine’s?” which translates to @Boity, what does one want for Valentine’s? Boity replied: “I’m not a fussy girl. Just R200k.”

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Her fans thought her response was humorous because she made 200k seems like chicken feed.

These were a number of their replies:

“Ever noticed how a woman out of your league would invite ewallet just to push you away? I recognize the same tactics here.”

“Bobo kedi Gold digger haiii.”

“After o nrekele Polo TSI ka yona.”

“Dm your number keo direly e-wallet mother waka.”

“Yesesss R2000 000.00, Iowa!!”

“Not fussy… It’s nothing.”

“Waits for le expensive maan.”

“Hallelujah, hallelujah…”

It is clear from Thulo’s fans’ reactions that they think she’s the answer to tons of men’s league because only a successful, rich businessman can afford to send the rapper ‘just R200k’ without a sweat.

The star also unleashed a series of tweets that revealed that she’s actually single and is prepared to mingle.

Here are her tweets:

“I hate that I’d need to buy myself a Birkin rather than a person I’m during a relationship with. I’m so impatient! the person must arrive, already! This!”

“Imagine having to shop for me a Rolls Royce Cullinan. You ha a! No ways. My independent woman tolerance isn’t that prime, beeps.”

Although her tweets reveal that she’s single, her fans are still wondering if the star is genuinely single or simply trying to cover her secret with Maps Maponyane.

The media personality was recently trending when she took to Twitter and tweeted:

“May my success never be tied to a toxic relationship/man. “

The rapper who is understood for creating waves as one woman says she’s not close to change for any toxic relationship/man.

This after the rapper was previously trolled by Mzansi men when she called them roaches.

She tweeted: “They DGAF. Don’t let the roaches bring you right down to their level,” in answer to Mihlali’s tweet.

Then she took to social media to issue an apology which stated:

“These men insulted me in every way possible. I too responded with insults and proceeded to call those men unemployed roaches. If you didn’t insult me that day, the insult wasn’t meant for you.”

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