Boity is it possible that she is pregnant or is it just delusions?

Boity is it possible that she is pregnant or is it just delusions?

South African media personality, Boity Thulo, has been through the wringer when it involves rumours about her and her sexual love.

Boity is it possible that she is pregnant or is it just delusions?

Currently, tweeps are almost-certain that she is in a politician relationship with the fellow star, Maps Maponyane, however, neither of them have openly confirmed or denied the speculation.

The new perfume owner had documented her meals on social media today, 5 October 2020, which saw her having cravings for peculiar food combinations, causing for the minds of the general public to start out churning. Throughout the day, Boity continuously retweeted images of traditional South Africa food alongside crying faces – indicating that she was having MAJOR cravings. She also explained that she had no intention of getting out of bed, but once the cravings became even more intense, she mustered up the strength to travel out and satisfy her appetite. Boity managed to seek out a restaurant which offered a number of her favourites including chicken feet and livers.

Later on, she revealed that it had been actually a hangover that got her feeling for the peculiar foods, however that didn’t stop her followers from the question if she had a bun within the oven. One guy asked her straight out, “Ain’t you pregnant, you’re eating things my girl use to crave.”, to which she responded with, “I’m not pregnant. I’m hungover.”

As the commented began to appear, Boity took it a step further by indicating that she was starting to get annoyed by the constant questions. “Can’t believe a number of y’all legitimately want to inform people when to possess children. Le there, man. So weird.”

Speculation surrounds Boity and Maps Maponyane has been ongoing for several years and had even caused a phase where Tweeps had conjured up a false reality that they were engaged. Whilst they dispelled the rumours, the supposed couple still feed into the questions surrounding them.

On Sunday, 4 October 2020, Maps posted a video of his mother showering Boity with compliments and love for sending her a present, a Pink Sapphire gift pack. within the video, Maps tells Boity that his mother sends her love. Halo Heritage the new leading creators of luxurious natural haircare and fine fragrances for his or her first official product launch of Boity’s Pink Sapphire. Boity skilled the love shown by Maps Mother with a sweet message. “Tell Mama I really like her too! Very much! I hope she enjoys the goodies.”