Bonang Matheba talks about the awesome power of women in the alcohol industry

Bonang Matheba talks about the awesome power of women in the alcohol industry

The women are taking the alcohol industry by storm. From collaborators to owning their own brands and now a lady who became the CEO of a world wine brand. These female powerhouses do us proud.

Bonang Matheba talks about the awesome power of women in the alcohol industry

Here are a number of these women who are taking over space, as per Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi’s powerful advice.

1. Bonang Matheba

Bonang Matheba recently celebrated her successful and impeccable MCC range, House Of BNG, because it became the simplest selling MCC at Woolworths. Her prestigious House Of BNG champagne was launched last year, during a swanky and star-studded event, attended by the heavyweights of Mzansi’s showbiz.

This made Queen B the primary Black woman to become a member of the Cap Classique Producers Association together with her MCC.

“Entering the posh beverage market has had its challenges in fact but through strategic planning with a transparent vision and an excellent team who understood all the logistics, it’s proven a hit. There are many moving parts, so you’ve got to stay your eye on everything, all the time,” she shared.

When she launched the champagne she described its elegant and opulent taste saying, “Being a queen means having everything a woman needs, including fabulous style and personality to match. Introducing my latest little guilty pleasure, BNG, a real indulgence for yours truly, with a chic and refreshing taste profile.”

2. Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo has decided to have up to the ‘controversial’ title that was given to her when describing her life and made the bank with it. The musician debuted her Gin on social media, which comes during a sophisticated black bottle called Controversy By Kelly Khumalo.

The musician with the powerful voice has always hogged headlines and embroiled in controversies, so her embracing that life saw her fans applauding her.

The last controversy before revealing her gin was after her sister penned a scathing letter, which revealed the shocking news that she is divorcing her thanks to her secret bullying and abusive tactics.

“I just made Controversy taste good! I’m excited to introduce the new Controversy Gin By Kelly Khumalo”, She said when making the announcement.

Bonang Matheba talks about the awesome power of women in the alcohol industry
3. DJ Zinhle

Award-winning DJ Zinhle has just added another title to her resume and therefore the businesswoman has proven that she means business. She made a serious announcement that she has acquired equity in a world wine beverage, Boulevard Nectar Rosè, making her the CEO.

The multi-talented DJ is about building an empire for her daughter Kairo Owethu Forbes, by leaving this and her other business ventures as her legacy.

The award-winning DJ said that she is going to be adding her own flair to the international wine range, which she believes will take the brand to greater heights.

“For me, the right business acquisition has got to share great synergy with who I’m, not only as a DJ but as a lady too. I’d wish to think I’m the right mix between power and complicated and therefore the Boulevard brand mirrors that nicely. I see great potential for Boulevard Rosè to travel to new heights with my signature touch,” she said.

On Instagram, she wrote, “I actually don’t know what to mention, we’ve been performing on this for over a year now and at the start, I didn’t believe it. At every meeting I’d desire this required more from me, it’s huge, I needed to work at A level I didn’t even know I could reach. My team and that I work really hard, words can’t describe this moment. Our diligence never went unnoticed. God really is that the greatest.”

4. Khanyi Mbau

Media personality Khanyi Mbau launched her gin I’m Khanyi late 2018 and spoke to ZAlebs about the method and what it took to bring her alcohol to life. She said it had been the right thing to bring the country together because the year 2018 was a touch rough.

“We are through such a lot as a rustic and have little moments to celebrate this year, from death threats to polony and changing presidents, it’s been hectic… and that I saw the gap to offer people a reason to be happy and celebrate.

I kept it on the low because creating a Gin is serious business, it’s not a celebration trick and it needs focus and concentration as this is often something people are going to be fixing their bodies, so I had to make certain and assured about the standard of the brand before I said anything,” she said.

She said she chose gin due to it’s the ability to being versatile, “Gin is such a gorgeous beverage, that it is also broad in mixology that it allows everyone to become creative. Also, the gin industry in South Africa is such a growing industry to take a position in and grow money just like the property market and art space.”