Bontle Moloi talks about her marriage is not all a bad lie

Bontle Moloi talks about her marriage is not all a bad lie

Dancer and choreographer Bontle Moloi (née Modiselle) has offered evidence to her fans on why she and her hubby Priddy Ugly have previously shared that cheating isn’t a deal-breaker for them.

Bontle Moloi talks about her marriage is not all a bad lie

The mother of 1, sat down with MacG on his Podcast and Chill where she talked about her career, marriage, and her stance on cheating, among other issues.

Viewers were glued to their seats as Bontle left nothing unsaid on all aspects of her life. Her fans were particularly drawn in by her explanation of previously made comments that cheating isn’t a deal-breaker for them.

“For us, cheating isn’t a deal-breaker in our relationship. Without invalidating anyone’s experiences … there are tons of conversations, there are tons of experiences, tons of things that have happened to tell such a choice. So us deciding or me feeling immediately as Bontle that to me cheating isn’t a deal-breaker is simply really how I feel …

“That sort of circumstance isn’t something that might get within the way of our relationship,” she said in a conversation with MacG.

Watch the complete interview below, jump to 44:00 for the juicy bits:

Bontle simply explained that in any case she’s invested in Priddy and in their relationship, she would rather have ended as a final resort.

“The man that I’m with, that I’ve built my life with all of those years, maybe a man that’s worth all of that. I’m willing to place myself therein sort of position for him to try to do an equivalent thing because he has proven to be a person deserves that and that I have proven myself.”

While cheating isn’t a “big deal” to Bontle, she made it clear that GBV most definitely may be a deal-breaker for her.

Bontle and Priddy are pushing the #lovelivesheremovement for quite 10 years. The pair have evolved, both individually and as a few, and are now happily married and proud parents of the totally adorable baby Afrika.

In 2020, on his woman’s 30th birthday, Priddy penned a heartfelt letter to her. He took to Instagram and poured his heart out on how happy and grateful he was to possess a lady like Bontle.

“This may be a manifestation of affection like no other, you’ve aged so gracefully, so beautifully. You’re finer, smarter, wiser, experienced, more confident, and even as happy, and humble as you were once I met you all those years back,

“You’ve never let the bitterness that life dishes out sometimes wither your faith, your love, and your humanity. I’ve watched you in awe,” wrote Priddy.

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