Brenda Ngxoli special appearance on # The Queen Mzansi

Brenda Ngxoli special appearance on # The Queen Mzansi

Brenda Ngxoli special appearance on # The Queen Mzansi

Actress Brenda Ngxoli has finally made her highly anticipated debut on Mzansi Magic’s hit telenovela The Queen and has viewers returning to observe all the drama.

Brenda is understood to be one among Mzansi’s greatest actress and with every role she takes on she leaves viewers in awe over her performance and it seems that she is back to try to an equivalent once more.

Viewers last saw Brenda on screens on the award-winning drama The River where she had a recurring role as Zweli’s sister Dambisa and now she is taking over a task as NomaPrincess ‘Noma’ Matshikiza on the favored Mzansi Magic telenovela.

Noma is an old associate of Harriet Khoza portrayed by Connie Ferguson and she or he owes quite the debt, more sort of a multi-million rand debt and she’s back and whilst Harriet is in a position to let her return Brutus portrayed by Themba Ndaba isn’t as forgiving.

This is not Brenda’s first time working with Ferguson Films, a couple of years ago she worked with them on Rockville and won her first Safta from her role.

“I’ve always acknowledged the large role they need to be played in my career and the way they need to treat me. I’m turning 40, and that I just want to measure my best life and that they have granted me that chance. I can’t thank them enough alongside the channel Mzansi Magic,” she told Channel24.

South African audiences love Brenda, and she or he knows just how they need to hold her down during her career from her days of being Vuyo.

“I’m also indebted to South African audiences that haven’t forgotten about me once I wasn’t even on any production, their continued support is appreciated,” she also told Channel24.
Viewers are glad to ascertain Brenda back on screens but still have a couple of reservations when it involves her character, especially since her iconic Xhosa accent is missing and for the role, she features a more posh English accent but it’s still youth and viewers could find yourself falling for the accent.
Brenda Ngxoli special appearance on # The Queen Mzansi

One thing that’s, needless to say, is that viewers are very happy to possess Brenda back on screens and can’t wait to ascertain the drama she is going to be stirring on The Queen.