Cassper Nyovest talks about taking charge of the SARS movement


Cassper Nyovest talks about taking charge of the SARS movement

Cassper Nyovest marks one among the few South African personalities that have used their public platforms to showcase their solidarity with the people in Nigeria by attempting to bring awareness on the matter of SARS.

Cassper Nyovest talks about taking charge of the SARS movement

The Nigeria version of SARS isn’t like our version of the South African Revenue Services where all there’s to fear is your home being repossessed thanks to failing of paying your taxes; an experience that Cassper can relate to all or any too well. But this SARS is that the abbreviation for the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, which was founded back in 1992.

A brief history lesson; the formation of the police unit stemmed from the Colonel in Nigerian being killed by a policeman. Members of the military dispatched in search of the policeman liable for the murder. The look for the policeman scared other enforcement due to fear they might be caught within the crossfire. The departure of cops opened room for criminality, hence the initial creation of ex-military members creating SARS to curb the then raising rate due to an absence of enforcement.

However, since 2012 SARS has since inherited disrepute. this is often as speculations and allegations of the force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department that’s led by Deputy military officer of Police Anthony Ogbizi, has been linked to crimes like extortion, intimidation, kidnapping, and violence against innocent citizens.

The matter seems to possess come to a head as a number of the most important Nigerian artists have now used their platforms to boost awareness on the matter. Leading the charge is a popular and internationally recognized superstar, WizKid. a person with an extended-standing relationship with Mufasa and other South African musicians.

Instead of that specialize in promoting his new project, “Made in Lagos,” the musician has channeled the eye he has received for the project to talk against the violence perpetrated on everyday citizens of the country he’s making clear he loves.

Other artists that have used their platforms to spotlight the injustices on the matter include Davido and Tiwa Savage. we’d be wrong, but Tiwa is so determined to boost the notice needed to form a change within the country, that she attended the recent march held against the matter and her foot incurred a blister as a result of walking for therefore long.

Knowing the tumultuous social media relationship the prevails between the 2 countries might he reason that not many South African personalities have publicly acknowledged the matter. But here are a number of your other faves that have pledged their solidarity to possess the reign of terror ended in Nigeria. We are one!