Cassper promises AKA an intense boxing competition

Cassper promises AKA an intense boxing competition

Award-winning rapper Cassper Nyovest recently opened about his love for the game that’s boxing.

Cassper promises AKA an intense boxing competition

The Bongimkosi hitmaker revealed that he loves boxing even as very much as loves making music and dancing.

Nyovest also said that he’s recuperating by the day and can’t await his highly-anticipated fight with AKA. pertaining to him as a little boy, Cassper said that he wants to show Kiernan a lesson.

“Yo!!! I actually really love boxing!!! Like, I found something that I really like even as very much like rap and dance. I improve by the day and that I can’t wait to urge within the ring with a small boy. That’s if he doesn’t run. All that hash out the years is close to cost you a lotta pain boy. SIGN!!!”

The Supamega has not skilled Cassper’s tweet directed at him and knowing the outspoken nature of AKA, we’re under the impression that he hasn’t seen the tweet yet. Over a previous couple of days, Mega has been on the receiving end of much trolling from Nyovest and his fans. Just the opposite day, Tsibipians started a hashtag suggesting that AKA had signed to Cassper’s label genealogy.

The two are going at each other about their highly anticipated fight, although official details haven’t been released. they need been teasing fans that it will be well worth the wait.

Chatting to the Ebro in November on Apple Music, Kiernan assured his fans that he’ll not loses and Cassper must stop running his mouth after the fight. “Here’s the simplest part about it on behalf of me is that next year in May. the simplest part on behalf of me is that whoever loses must shut up for all times which not getting to be me. No sir”

Cassper promises AKA an intense boxing competition

Chatting to Slikour recently, Mufasa revealed that they will not be making the maximum amount of money as people think and for him, it’s more about teaching AKA a lesson than anything.

“I was just on the phone together with his manager about the date of the fight … this is often personal because most are demanding this which. Everyone sees this big cheque thereon which isn’t realistic in SA. it is a big idea once you believe it like, you’ll make R400m … but the reality is it’s to form sense. Everybody thinks we will make R10m each from making this thing but I do not see s making such … what I would like to try to do is fight no matter the cash. So, I’m on the phone with this dude and I am like ‘Bro, let’s take whatever we’re offered on the table and let’s fight cos I’m uninterested in talking for therefore long.”

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