Cassper returns to skirmish with AKA again

Cassper returns to skirmish with AKA again

As Cassper Nyovest and AKA’s much-awaited ring fight hangs within the balance, the Tito Mboweni hitmaker has disclosed that the delay has left him demotivated to hit the gym.

Cassper returns to skirmish with AKA again

The hip hop star shared these sentiments during a conversation with a tweep who gave props to people that stuck to their exercising routine within the New Year.

Cassper explained that he needed the match to happen to offer him the required push he requires mentally.

He even suggested that if he and AKA aren’t getting to fight, he plans on “calling out someone else” to hit the ring with.

As Cass wraps his head around the concept the match with AKA may never happen, he added that he was getting to “more than broer”, describing his frustrations around the delayed flight.

At the start of last month, after several months of ranting that his nemesis AKA hadn’t signed on the line of their match contract, Cassper hinted that the fight plans were finally in motion.

The rapper alluded to the present during a tweet which saw many social media users jumping for joy that they might finally get to ascertain their faves fight it call at the ring.

“This thing might really happen in any case. Let’s goooo!!”

Cassper’s stans immediately took to his mentions to rally behind him, telling the rapper to offer Supa Mega a “good beating”.

Though Mufasa seemed pretty certain that AKA didn’t want to satisfy him within the ring, he revealed that the match contract AKA was alleged to have signed by now was getting to “go back to the drawer it has been chilling nicely certain months now”.

Cassper’s comments came after a lover of the Supa Mega shared a snap of the rapper “about to sign” on the line.

While he knew the reality, Mufasa laughed off the claims that AKA was close to signing the contract, saying, “That guy doesn’t want to fight. I’ll believe it when the signed contract is handed in. For now, ima gonna go play Fifa with Carpo and speak gugugaga with my beautiful son.”

However, now it appears that AKA has actually signed the contract, tweeps have advised Cassper to “take out his anger” on his nemesis for all those times he bullied him.

Will it happen or won’t it? we’ll need to wait and see.

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