Cassper: There is no longer any interest or encouragement about that miserable game

Cassper: There is no longer any interest or encouragement about that miserable game

It seems as if Cassper Nyovest is over the match a bit like a number of us are for a really while now. The match between him and fellow rapper AKA has been prolonged, causing the hype to even die down.

Cassper: There is no longer any interest or encouragement about that miserable game

After making fans wait quite 4 years for the match to require a place, Cassper has appeared to have thrown within the towel. This after a few years of bickering, going back and forth, backing out then re-committing, swearing at each other’s parents, warring, the name-calling, and therefore the subbing, the 2 nemeses will not be settling their differences within the prize ring. What a shame!

Taking to Twitter to let his fans in on the match, Cassper has expressed how bored he’s off the non-ending negotiations also because of the tardy deciding from AKA’s camp. such a lot in order that he has decided to back off of the fight.

“Enough about the fight, I do know it’s boring now,” he said.

In other exciting news, he promised his fans to be more consistent in dropping major projects this year, promising that his next release is going to be before most anticipate. “I got a dope project I’m performing on . a primary of its kind. could be ready 1st quarter of the year.”

Cassper is additionally performing on breaking a record American rapper Jay Z first broke when he became Hip Hop’s first billionaire. He wants to be Mzansi’s first billionaire rapper. Go, Cass! “Another step into the direction of becoming South Africa’s first Hip Hop Billionaire. We thinking outside the box. Super excited!!!”

The rapper wants to place the entire fight behind him and specialize in other things that can help him shovel in those millions which will eventually tally up to a billion.

“To be honest, that fight probably won’t happen. Too many cooks, lies, stunts, egos. At some point, I assumed we might come to an agreement but I do not see it happening anymore & I’m bored of going back and forth. I signed last year and signed again in the week and dolls so ANDIZI!”

We don’t know who to believe as both their versions differ. Cassper says he signed the contract twice and accuses AKA, the person who came up with the entire idea, of backing out by not signing the contract.

On the opposite hand, AKA posted an image of the contract and implied that he signed the papers, and it had been Cassper who was dragging his feet.

“It’s amazing how people can suddenly become tough guys when history and knowledge tell us otherwise. The time for talk is almost over.”

Cassper dissed AKA and said, “Lmao. That contract goes to travel back to the drawer it has been chilling in nicely for months now. That guy doesn’t want to fight. I’ll believe it when the signed contract is handed in.”
Cassper: There is no longer any interest or encouragement about that miserable game
When AKA deleted the post, Cassper implied that AKA is scared to urge within the ring with him but wants to fight him publicly spaces. “What did I say? Tweet deleted, tail tucked back to the**. All talk!!! No action!!! He wants to start out fights at clubs and damage the brand that I worked hard to create so we will both suffer at rock bottom. I’m not into that. Let’s get within the ring, no bodyguards to save lots of you.”

We really don’t know which is which but we sincerely don’t hope the rappers throw fists at one another publicly . that might not be good for his or her reputations.

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