Details of Makhadzi’s unfortunate Road To Fame

Details of Makhadzi’s unfortunate Road To Fame

Makhadzi was the newest star featured on the most important podcast in South Africa, “Podcast and Chill with MacG,” which premiered on Thursday, 27 August 2020.

The “Haka Matorikisi” hit maker’s episode was in two parts. the primary part was detailed because of the journey to her aforementioned breakthrough single that cemented the musician’s status into mainstream popularity. Other talking points of the primary part was, “leaving Venda for Joburg, Being exploited, (and her) Career.”
Details of Makhadzi’s unfortunate Road To Fame

The description of the being “exploited” barely scratches the surface of the journey that a teenage Makhadzi opted to require within the pursuit of being on stage. The musician begins by detailing that her active pursuit for fame started when she was 12 when she won a telephone at a talent competition. In an attempt to win another telephone to sell, she trekked to Polokwane from her country not knowing the way to get to Polokwane.

A dear-eyed Makhadzi didn’t get to Polokwane that day. But Makhadzi did find performers that had an audience and once they canvassed for performers while they took an opportunity, Makhadzi took the chance to showcase her dancing talent. The star states that she drew such an audience that the buskers invited her to join the convoy, which became her forced entry routine performance. But that was also the start of her exploitation.

Through this “team” she had joined Makhadzi described worked for them as being a “slave.” Besides dancing and drawing during a crowd, a young and impressionable Makhadzi also handled the household chores for the “team.” She explains she didn’t mind because all she wanted to perform which they gave her a chance to try to to.

While her personal life was tragic, it had been an equivalent “team” that allowed Makhadzi to sing for the primary time following her begging for a chance. the chance paid off as she became the foremost popular performer of the team. But because the exploitation continued she opted to seek out new “management”.

Makhadzi shocked all that watched the episode when she revealed that her former manager’s male friend allegedly sexually abused and was her first sexual experience. the person allegedly groomed her by petitioning for her to possess her own bedroom in his family home to routinely “visit her.” And when she attempted to seek out ways to interrupt away, he would device other sinister plans to continue sexually assaulting the star.

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