Diamond Platnumz calling for a wife.

Diamond Platnumz calling for a wife.

Diamond Platnumz calling for a wife.

Diamond Platnumz has been talking about getting married for a short time now, to the extent that folks had to travel looking for who the lucky woman was only to associate him to Tanzanian model, Dimack who came bent water down the rumors.

The Bongo star must really be a worried man after both his sisters recently got married off, his brother already rearing his circle of relatives, leaving Chibu behind together with his mom.

It’s said men are never during a hurry to marry because age isn’t a drag for them regards having kids. the women on the opposite hand, probably only have such a brief time span before things take a special turn.

Diamond Platnumz’s sexual love won’t be speculation too far away from that.
As our Muslim brothers and sisters marked Idd-ul-Adha, Esma Platnumz officially left her mom’s house for her man’s home.

A star-studded event marked by elegance, class, the Islam tradition, and in particular nothing but love and happiness together of the Dangote’s exited.

Unfortunately, this has only haunted Diamond Platnumz who has for the longest time given us hope that he can eventually pick a lady and settle together with her, only to go away us disappointed.

It has now struck him time wasn’t on his side, making a solemn prayer to Allah that by 2021, a time like now, he should a minimum of having a lady he can call his wife.