Dineo Ranaka: Private life should be kept separate from social media

Dineo Ranaka: Private life should be kept separate from social media

Dineo Ranaka is understood as a no-nonsense person, especially when her worth during a relationship is undervalued.

Dineo Ranaka: Private life should be kept separate from social media

The radio and television personality is understood to evangelize self-love and knowing your self-worth during a relationship; encouraging women to not settle.

Judging by her Instagram posts, the DJ has found her suitor and she or he is happy and glowing crazy. The couple has been serving couple and love goals everywhere Instagram and Dineo’s day ones are loving the content.

Mostly, the powerhouse executive produced one among Mzansi’s new shows called Mzali Wam. While the show has been winning hearts, the credits caught some attention. rather than just Dineo Ranaka, it’s Dineo Ranaka Pesha and therefore the internet can’t deal.

The Sibahle DJ was recently gushing over her man and their relationship when she wrote: “Mojolo is basically beautiful in pictures MARA BEHIND THE SCENES!!!!!! It’s actually even more beautiful. Your character gets tested, your patience gets tested, your doubt and insecurities will show you flames, sometimes your pride gets within the way, conflict and disagreements are inevitable, but altogether honesty all of the above becomes an enter the park once you undergo it with someone you’re not only compatible with but genuine friends with…”

After getting burnt by the social media streets quite once Dineo has stopped sharing information on her private life and that we like to see it.

The mysterious man in her life works within the movie industry. A source told Daily Sun a couple of months ago that the presenter is “happy” and during a “good space”. “We are happy for her. She seems happy and everything goes well for D. She is in a good space”

“She has managed to stay it hush-hush,” the source said.

Ranaka is reportedly trying to stay her new romance private.

“She suffered tons of public humiliation after her relationship with Blaklez went sour and most of her dirty linen was aired publicly. So with this one, she is secretive and overprotective,” the source added

Confuse the enemy wena Dineo!

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