Dj Fresh congratulates everyone on their birthdays

Dj Fresh congratulates everyone on their birthdays

Today, Nonhle Thema turns 39, DJ Fresh turns 48 years-old while Khanyi Mbau turns 35-years-old.

Dj Fresh congratulates everyone on their birthdays

Time flies and it’s hard to believe that Nonhle is nearly 40 as she was an IT of note and had the show business in her hands. Plus she is so hot she could still pass for 25.

“TBT to a 13-year-old me 😍 such a lot I even have to mention now to a young me…where do I even begin..🤭 all I can say is I think in Magic like I always did as a toddler 💫🌟🦄 Grateful to ascertain 39 years of LIFE 💜💜💜 #Favored
Happy Birthday to Me 🌻THANK YOU!”

Dj Fresh is 2 years shy of fifty but remains one among the simplest within the Djing game. DJ Fresh is one of South Africa’s most successful stars and his career has spun for quite 30 years. He has successfully dabbled in radio and presenting while being a husband and a dad.

His peers took to social media to point out some love.

Despite the recent passing of her dad, Khanyi Mbau features a lot to celebrate. She recently dropped her critically acclaimed reality show. While this year she hasn’t said anything about it, last year she penned a letter to herself. Read it below.

”Dear Khanyi Mbau

Thank you for being kind to my mom’s body 34 years ago when she carried you to term
Thank you for accepting her breast to feed you and back to hold you
Thank you for shielding me whenever I fell as a baby or ate an insect
Thank you for saving me from the worst nightmares and therefore the boogie man by waking me up within the middle of the night.”

Her fans are already celebrating her.