DJ Fresh is responsible for catching bribes in the middle

DJ Fresh is responsible for catching bribes in the middle

Veteran radio broadcaster DJ Fresh is looking for systems within the radio industry that always compromise artists to be done away with.

DJ Fresh is responsible for catching bribes in the middle

The seasoned broadcaster shared his views on Twitter where he agreed with industry mate YFM radio host, DJ Ankletap, who mentioned the difficulty of payola.

Taking to Twitter, Fresh gave Ankletap a shoutout for not falling prey to payola. “Sadly until the larger labels are called out for #payola and for blocking the listing of certain artists, we shall continue down this abyss!”

Fresh’s shoutout comes after Ankletap called out a music manager for wanting him to plug his artist for a sum of cash.

Feeling that the manager was wrong, Ankletap took to Twitter to deal with his frustrations.

“This dude gets my number from someone and literally tries to bribe me. Offering me money to plug and play his artist’s music. I will be able to NEVER accept payola to play music, consider your label dead to me broer.

“This is what happens when skrr skirrs think starting a record label is that the coolest idea they need ever had. Please respect the music industry … also, if your song hashtag trends because you making a gift of airtime it doesn’t suggest the song is hot, it means people want airtime. Bribery won’t take you far,” the YFM DJ wrote.

While DJ Fresh gave Ankletap a pat on the rear for not giving in to payola, in June he revealed how dangerous his job was as he’s had death threats, his home was petrol bombed and he’s been shot in the least due to his line of labor.

The 947 radio host lifted the lid on the harassment he has received for comments he made on-air over the years.

Fresh spoke out about the risks of the work during a conversation with 702 presenters Eusebius McKaiser on Eusebius’s Judgment Day at the station in June.

DJ Fresh is responsible for catching bribes in the middle

Applauding Eusebius for speaking truth to power, Fresh stated that being the “voice for the voiceless” often came with serious risks.

“Telling my very own story, due to stuff I’ve spoken about on the radio, I’ve received death threats, my home has been petrol bombed, I’ve been shot at. These are things I don’t necessarily mention because that’s neither here nor there. I just take them as occupational hazards.

“I’ve endured all of that not even speaking truth to power half the maximum amount as you are doing, and still you still roll in the hay,” Fresh said

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