DJ Fresh: There is no evidence for these unfounded accusations

DJ Fresh: There is no evidence for these unfounded accusations

DJ Fresh and Euphonik- or Themba- for the international readers looking to watch out for, in the week experienced some turbulence which they want tweeps could advance from without asking questions.

DJ Fresh: There is no evidence for these unfounded accusations

the web was shaken when a tweep took to Twitter to inform her rape story, where she accuses the F-Eu duo of a minimum of both drugging her and at the most, both taking turns to possess their way together with her. The tweep did stipulate that she was uncertain about the small print thanks to being date-raped.

Although she refused to offer her real name, the alleged victim says she was rapped in 2011 at a little party which she attended with a lover who had been invited the DJs. She was on varsity at the time.

She revealed how the incident via TimesLIve “First, I would like to form it clear I used to be not some quite stock or whatsoever people call girls organized to entertain the DJs. I used to be simply accompanying a lover to chillas, and that’s where the entire thing happened,”

Primedia has since suspended the 2 DJ’s from 947 until further notice. This, consistent with the statement will give them time to affect the present allegations against them.

The two DJs issued a press release responding to the claims and consistent with the statement, they’ll be stepping faraway from public engagement until the matter is resolved.

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The lady is adamant that it had been the 2 DJ’ing faves. While Euphonik, or Themba, has not addressed many numerous rape accusations. What the DJ has had to affect is being a labeled an abuser, which he has contested. And during a case of she-said and he-said, details can get messy.

In previous tweets, Fresh denied the allegations. He went on to state that he has never met the accuser, which should she feel so strongly that she should open a criminal case. As he wished, so it had been done should latest news reports be true.

On Friday, 15 January 2021, news reports stated that they might confirm that a criminal rape charge has been laid against Fresh and Euphonik. Now we await the case to be thrown out “due to a scarcity of evidence” so misogynistic Twitter can say “we told you so,” like this may be the last time Fresh’s name comes up with another alleged rape accusation.

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