DJ Shimza and DJ Maphorisa are planning to show indoor music of a different genre

DJ Shimza and DJ Maphorisa are planning to show indoor music of a different genre

What started off as an invitation by DJ Maphorisa to ask DJ Shimza to play more Amapiano music may need just started internet big show in South Africa.

DJ Shimza and DJ Maphorisa are planning to show indoor music of a different genre

it’s like we will expect a fusion of Afro tech and therefore the Yanos very soon.

Madumane was just hoping that Shimza could play his genre of music for once, maybe because altogether of Shimza’s sets, he never dabbles within the Yanos.

“Can we ask Shimza to start out playing Amapiano on his sets please, I wanna see something”

Shimza jokingly responded by asking Maphorisa to prevent annoying him, making regard to when he got into trouble and was almost canceled by Black Twitter. Back in April Shimza insulted an up and coming DJ by the name of Ceega Wa Meropa, when he skilled his countless Tweets and said, he must stop harassing him, it’s annoying. Shimza was then labelled rude for looking down on an upcoming DJ and reminded that he was once during a struggling DJ himself, hustling and trying to form it works. Shimza eventually issued an apology and acknowledged his mistake after being called out by Mbuyiseni Ndlozi.

Luckily, Tweeps understood the joke and DJ Shimza suggested that they are doing a show together, to showcase the various genres and convey them together in one epic event.

“@DjMaphorisa how a few show and that we call it “Best of Both Worlds” you curate a piano line up and that I curate the Afro Tech line up? Go nyiwe once! believe it!”

DJ Maphorisa immediately agreed to the thought and even suggested that Prince Kaybee be invited to also play on the line-up, just not the Amapiano line-up.

“lets cav #BestOfBothWorlds sounds dope mara bo Shimi ba nagana damn. Plus add Princess on ur side”

Even though Maphorisa and Prince Kaybee always beef online, Madumane suggested that he be added to the line-up, this might be because Maphorisa actually regards Prince Kaybee together of the simplest DJ’s within the country. regardless of the reason could also be, it seems he didn’t take Prince Kaybee’s Tweet about him looking sort of a Lion lager bottle to heart.

Shimza and Maphorisa are yet to share more details about the show or who else is going to be on the lineup but we all know needless to say that Kabza De Small, Prince Kaybee, and Darque City are going to be on the 2 lineups.