DJ Sox declares that the country’s situation has reached an edge due to the Coronavirus

DJ Sox declares that the country’s situation has reached an edge due to the Coronavirus

In the wake of heated debates, KZN-born DJ Sox is more concerned about all the politics surrounding the Covid-19, saying they’re making it hard for him to trust.

DJ Sox declares that the country's situation has reached an edge due to the Coronavirus

Mzansi has recorded quite 1.3 million infections and quite 37,000 deaths associated with the virus, the foremost in Africa. Reposting a clip from a CNN information about the vaccine, DJ Sox expressed his worry.

“When you watch western media like CNN they discredit the Russian “Sputnik V” vaccine saying it had been rushed, no thorough tests were done and its efficacy isn’t clear. On the contrary, once you watch Russia Today News or any eastern media an equivalent is claimed about the American “Pfizer” Vaccine.

“How are we alleged to trust any of those vaccines if they’re so politicized. We must just produce our own vaccine that we will trust …” he asked.

Sox’s concern sparked another debate in his comments section, with one among his followers asking the DJ if creating our own vaccine was a touch far fetched, considering the rising numbers of individuals dying daily.

“Does Africa has even a little capacity to try to do that? … at this moment? While thousands of our people are dying every day. Let’s not daydream,” the followers said.

DJ Sox submitted his opinion, saying he believes SA is capable of making its own vaccine and he used the Minister of upper Education, Science, and Technology as his source.

“I’m not daydreaming, SA is capable and Hakusho mina kusho u (that is consistent with the) Minister of upper Education, Science, and Technology and he goes on to mention that SA has developed vaccines before and it’s not only him who confirms our capabilities the council for scientific and industrial research confirms this.

“Now the matter is we must await rich countries to first vaccinate their people then consider supplying us later. Now china has vaccinated 10 mil people, USA 1 million, Russia 1 million and that we must wait to be supplied by them mase be grand bona (when they’re fine)” the DJ said.

Meanwhile, TimesLIVE reports that SA should also receive about 12 million doses from the COVAX global vaccine distribution scheme co-led by the planet Health Organisation, about 12 million from an AU arrangement, and 1.5 million from the Serum Institute of India which is making AstraZeneca shots.

The calculation for the AU allocation is predicated on SA’s share of the continent’s population.

President Cyril Ramaphosa, the AU chair, said last week that the organization had secured 270 million vaccine doses which they might be distributed supported countries’ population size.

SA’s health ministry also said this month it had been in advanced negotiations with J &.

Local drug company Aspen is going to be manufacturing J & shots but unless a firm agreement is signed with the SA government all those doses are going to be exported.

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