DJ Tira expresses his anger at some fans who go overboard

DJ Tira expresses his anger at some fans who go overboard

DJ Tira has blasted a lover who touched his private area during a performance. Makoya Bearings, as he’s affectionately referred to as posted a video of a lover who grabbed him by the crotch and tried to unzip his pants.

DJ Tira expresses his anger at some fans who go overboard

The hilarious video even prompted a response from his wife Gugu Khathi whose response had people saying “we stan a Queen.” within the caption, Tira warned his fans, especially the feminine fans, and said, “be careful.”

His wife Gugu responded by saying, “Lalela it’s December sengenza nomayini,” which translates to “Listen, it’s December in order that means I can do whatever I would like .”

His comments section was crammed with people that were in disbelief at how female fans behave once they are out and about.

This is the newest incident of inappropriate behavior on stage that happened in ZAlebville. Just last week, we reported about Makhadzi getting dragged for caressing a male fan’s private area on stage. the entire act was caught on tape and other people weren’t impressed in the least.

Many came to her defense saying she always does this hence the unnecessary uproar. the very fact that a video was taken left her hospitable public criticism. Whilst working at an occasion her male audience members are often seen wrestling to share the stage together with her, but one “lucky” man got the experience of his life and therefore the whole world needs to see it.

Makhadzi was performing one of her biggest hits and was dancing with the male fan. She got a touch too excited and played with the man’s crotch. Social media freaked out and questioned what would be the result had it been a male artist doing such to a female fan.

Well, the outroar isn’t an equivalent as people were quick to tease Tira’s incident as against dragging the lady who “sexually violated” him. the extent of Gender-Based Violence within the country doesn’t allow people to condone such behavior.

DJ Tira expresses his anger at some fans who go overboard

Tira is understood for being a really humble person especially to his fans, which is why many were left baffled when polygamist Lucky Gumbi put him on blast on his reality show ‘The Gumbis’.

“I want to do gigs before I got married to Bayede, so I want to hire any DJ, Christos, Ganyani… Those people respect people. If you compare Tira, even the way he walks, you’ll see that he’s filled with himself. I do not care about him. I do not hate him… I would just say he’s an arrogant boy. With the opposite DJs that I’ve worked with, we still greet one another .” Gumbi said on his show.

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