EntleD talks about her rape with impartiality that she got over it after suffering

EntleD talks about her rape with impartiality that she got over it after suffering

Former Tv presenter EntleD trended a couple of years ago following a heartbreaking incident where a person raped her after sneaking into her apartment.

While that incident alone was enough to scar her for all times, she was fired from the work she was performing, at the time by her female bosses as a result of that.

Detailing the events round the traumatic ordeal, EntleD had just click and had passed an unknown gentleman who was standing at the doorway of the gate of her apartment house. Because the apartment house has such high volumes of individuals getting into and out, she didn’t think much of it.

She was living with a roommate at the time with whom she shared a bed and while they were laying in bed, her roommate got a call and left while Entle was asleep. And as mentioned above, she was woken up by the perpetrator.

“I was dreaming that Chris Brown was coming on behalf of me from America. I’ve had the most important crush on Chris Brown forever and he was coming from America [in the dream] and he was like ‘oh my gosh, I’m so happy to ascertain you and that I love you and that I want us to travel away together’ then we start making out. then the garments come off… actually, hey! It’s an excellent dream. I mean it’s Chris Brown but as he penetrates me within the dream, it happens in the real world. the particular penetration was what woke me up, only to seek out the very real threat of a stranger raping me. the very fact that I dreamt I used to be having sex with Chris Brown was God giving me a symbol because the rapist also seemed like Chris Brown!”

At the time she was the marketing manager working for his or her television network and she or he wanted an opportunity to affect the after-effects and heal.

“I was hurt. I asked for an outing which took longer than I had anticipated. I even had my counselor give them a call and explain things. They accepted that I needed an outing because I heard I used to be affected by a delayed reaction. I used to be so traumatized that I started seeing the guy everywhere. He wasn’t really there obviously… I almost crashed my car because I saw him in my car mirror, within the car next to me, within the lift, everywhere…”

Instead of giving her space and time to affect the trauma, they used it against her.

“I needed to heal and since it’s hard to return back from something like that, l took longer than l had intended. the 2 gave me the rationale that they were firing me because I had gone AWOL and l wasn’t performing.”

To her credit, EntleD isn’t bitter about the experience because she managed to seek out God through it all.

“I’ve become a lady of God and that I understand my prophetic mantle such a lot more due to it. My biggest takeaway from all of this is often that there literally is God everywhere. It’s either you catch on otherwise you don’t.”

She is now using her experience and knowledge to assist other rape survivors.

“I am now doing okay. I even have healed from the sexual incident. I hold facilitation sessions. I help sexually abused victims come to terms with their sexual incidences. Companies also hire me to talk. The healing process involves the utilization of God’s word, dialogue, and prayer.”