Fans can’t figure out who Kamo Mphela is after the new Lok hilarity

Fans can’t figure out who Kamo Mphela is after the new Lok hilarity

Kamo Mphela could be competing with Khloe Kardashian on what percentage of faces can one girl have, but another thing that the great sis knows the way to do is secure a bag.

Fans can't figure out who Kamo Mphela is after the new Lok hilarity

Kamo for the past week has been on the lips of many South Africans ensuring that we are all aware that she is that the girl that we expect she is –or not. The one thing about Kamo when it involves her faces; is that they modify and that the sole consistency is that it does get beat to the gods. regardless of which face she chooses she makes sure that it’s on another level.

But together with her latest announcement, Kamo had the streets shook. Following the hype that the matter of her faces delivered to her name, Kamo followed on with an announcement that she is officially a Nike ambassador. Not one to be afraid to form fun of herself, Kamo in making the announcement referenced the running joke on Twitter over her alleged changing faces. And when asked which face she was serving with the announcement, the solution was easy enough for the women as she answered, “The baggin’ one.”

The Nike deal is one the “Amanilkiniki” hitmaker has been manifesting for a short time. If you scroll through her Instagram, it’s easy enough to ascertain . one of the primary times that Kamo made sure that we all know that she is eyeing the deal was back in June 2020. Kamo had always aimed to form her white Nike socks with a Nike pair of sneakers a thing. But when she landed on the Air Force that it became clear that Nike needed to hire the girl. Kamo wore the design as a part of her performances, and when she wanted to snap with an off-the-cuff look.

But when it actually became clear that sis was within the bag together with her thinking was with the primary installment of the new season of her “Life within the Road with Kamo Mphela” YouTube series. the primary episode besides showcasing her personality was really a Nike lifestyle advertisement. Whenever there was a chance for Kamo to showcase the brand, best believe the great sis used it. Even people within the comments section of the video couldn’t help but notice that Kamo was manifesting.

With her continued rise to the highest, it’ll be interesting to ascertain what the slowly positioning her crown, Queen of Amapiano, goes to try to next.

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