Fans Poll Result Katlego Maboe Take Back TV And Power Up

Fans Poll Result Katlego Maboe Take Back TV And Power Up

To say it has been a rough period for Katlego Maboe would be an understatement: following THAT video which exposed his cheating ways, his wife Monique Muller then accused him of being abusive and giving her an STI.

Fans Poll Result Katlego Maboe Take Back TV And Power Up

This, of course, affected several bags, as gig after gig severed ties with him, most notably OUTsurance and Expresso, the show he was a number on.

While many applauded the insurer’s decision to urge obviate him as a brand ambassador, others felt it had been unfair. So unfair, in fact, that fans started a petition titled ‘Bring Back Katlego Maboe’, which threatens to boycott OUTsurance if their demand isn’t met.

The month-old petition’s goal is to succeed in 75,000 signatures. And guess what? It’s almost there – it currently has almost 69,000 signatures! Wild.

The petition in question

The fan who started the petition, Lindy, writes within the description: “Is [Katlego] not allowed to possess a private life? I’m not condoning his behavior of cheating on his partner but this young man is human in any case and that I feel this woman took their internal bedroom or home affairs to the surface world of which it doesn’t concern us and it doesn’t concern his work also .”

Lindy later states: “This is their bedroom issue!”

The comments on the petition drag Monique, accusing her of being “vindictive” and claiming Katlego “is the victim here”. The petition also says: “Her [sic] partner is that the one who dented his career by laying call at the world their own personal home affairs and it’s so unfair to Katlego.”

In October, a video surfaced of Katlego confessing to cheating on his wife with a lady named Nikita Murray, who is additionally married and has since found herself thrust into the spotlight.

Through her lawyers, she denied giving Katlego an STI. “Due to those allegations, Mrs. Murray had undergone a medical test to verify that she has no sexually transmitted disease. The claims by Mr. Maboe that Mrs. Murray was the explanation for him contracting the STD as accused of by the one that made the video, is therefore irresponsible and impossible.”
Fans Poll Result Katlego Maboe Take Back TV And Power Up
Monique has alleged that Katlego gave her the STI called HPV, which may cause cervical cancer. Her brother also posted on his Instagram that she was a victim of abuse at the hands of Maboe, who has denied the allegations of abuse and giving his wife an STI.

“I would really like to state that I even have never abused my partner. I even have always and can always get up against the abuse of girls and youngsters – actually, the abuse of anyone for that matter,” he said during a statement.

Things are fairly quiet for Katlego since the initial storm, although he recently trended again because of his adverts as the brand ambassador of – await it – Playboy.

You can’t make this up!

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