Gomorrah talks about the best scenes in her latest work in 2020

Gomorrah talks about the best scenes in her latest work in 2020

As the new kid who came in and dethroned The Queen, by taking the amount one spot because the most-watched telenovela at DStv, you’ll bet that Gomora did exactly what it began to try to and won Mzansi over.

Gomorrah talks about the best scenes in her latest work in 2020

The 2020 addition to Mzansi Magic literally swept Mzansi off of its feet with everything from a star-studded, impressive cast, a talented crew, and one among the foremost captivating storylines on TV at the instant.

The telenovela, created by Seriti films, focuses and brings to life a story inspired by the dynamic and diverse community of the township next to Sandton, Alexandra — which is fondly referred to as Gomora.

From the get-go, the story outlines the crazy inequality that exists in SA where a luxury-filled place like Sandton is literally a road far away from the poor, the densely populated township of Gomora.

The multi-layered characters and therefore the gripping storyline, that has everything from a hijacking syndicate travel by an old, church-loving gogo, whose front may be a popular tavern to a fall from grace together woman is forced to maneuver back home to Gomora after having got familiar with Sandton life. The story also explores highschool life and every one the problems that accompany being young and naive.

Mzansi has had no choice but to stan, as each episode of Gomora delivers quality entertainment, memorable moments, and everything in between.

So here are the five biggest moments from Gomora in 2020.
All of Zodwa’s English moments

Fans of Gomora filled the TL with memes in reaction to Zodwa’s latest “queen Elizabeth’s language remix”, and that they just can’t get enough of actress Sannah Mchunu’s brilliant performance as Zodwa.

There’s no denying that Mzansi Magic’s Gomora does the thing as far as entertainment and drama go, but if you ask anyone on the Twitter streets why they tune, they’ll probably tell you Zodwa’s Engrish is that the “woza woza” that keeps them returning for more!

Some tweeps most fave lines include: “I make it, I birth it, I born it, I grow it, you’re taking it”; *sigh* “To go is to see”; and “I do not have a drag together with your parents, just a drag together with your mother and father.”

Teddy, Ntokozo, and Buhle’s love triangle …

Gomora has been serving drama on all fronts in one scene after the opposite, but the one thing that basically had viewers during a tizz was the brewing love triangle between Buhle and best friends Ntokozo and Teddy.

Fans of the favored telenovela were kept awake in the dark by a possible situation they see eventually playing out when Buhle’s vague game will happen as an obstacle for Ntokozo and Teddy.

They believed Buhle was stringing Teddy along to form Ntokozo jealous.

Sonto and her gangsta moments

While Gomora fans have finally accepted that despite her deceiving looks, Mam’Sonto may be a hardcore criminal, they were also left shook at her level of disrespect for God, when she legit said a prayer asking God to assist them successfully hijack cars.

It took viewers a moment to simply accept that the loving gogo to 3 teens doubles up as Gomora’s most dangerous mafia who can shoot an individual at point-blank range without hesitation. However, it had been Wednesday’s episode that made fans realize just how complex Mam’Sonto (played by Connie Chiume) is as a personality.

Not only does she love money and get it through evil deeds, she sees nothing wrong in asking God for guidance and protection before doing employment.

Pretty and That’s sibling rivalry

After wondering and making assumptions about why Santo hates Pretty such a lot, Gomora fans were heartbroken once they discovered the reality.

Viewers have watched Santo make it clear That is her favorite daughter, and that they are wondering why Pretty’s mere existence seems to irritate Santo. All this albeit Pretty is that the one who has been there for Santo through the ups and downs.

Their suspicions that there must be hidden issues were validated when Santo made Thati the only beneficiary of her wealth. because it turns it, Pretty is suffering for the deeds of her father. Santo can’t stand her because she seems to like her father, laughs like her father, and apparently also eats like her father. Santo hates Pretty’s father with a passion and has transferred those feelings towards an undeserving Pretty.
Gomorrah talks about the best scenes in her latest work in 2020
Viewers were shaken and honestly heartbroken for Pretty.

Then there was London and his “Gladiator”

Robert Mpisi who played Gomora’s Lindokuhle, aka London, kept viewers glued to their seats. The actor, who not only brought troubles for Melusi, eventually ended up in Melusi’s house as a “charity case” of Gladys, the over-charitable caseworker who also happens to be Melusi’s wife.

At the height of his storyline, Lindo had Gladys convinced he’s able to change for the higher.

However, fans of the show knew better than to trust him, because to most of the people “once a gangster, always a gangster”.

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