Has your actress K Naomi fallen in love again?

Has your actress K Naomi fallen in love again?

Has your actress K Naomi fallen in love again?

It seems K Naomi features a new person in her life, and he’s making her quite a happy lady. It’s been a while since the media personality ended her relationship with DJ Shimza and it seems she has found love again.

K Naomi shared a snap of herself looking at all types of gorgeous as prepared to go out. K Naomi also shared a snap of her and a male walking hand in hand, but she didn’t reveal their faces.
The personality also shared on Twitter a tweet that indicated that she was headed out on a date night together with her man.

K Naomi

“When your man causes you to dress up for date night…and he does an equivalent,” tweeted the presenter.

K Naomi had once opened about dating the incorrect quite men, but it seems she is much past that hurdle and is genuinely happy, maybe her new man is one among the things making her happy.

“I attract the incorrect sort of guys…(no offense to anyone),” she tweeted last year.

One thing, needless to say, is K Naomi’s love interest is making her quite the happy woman if her tweets are anything to travel by and she or he truly deserves it following her messy split in 2018.

When K Naomi’s relationship with Shimza ended she shared several cryptic messages about love and heartbreak.

K Naomi at the time posted on her Insta Story an image of herself and Shimza with the caption: “Thanks for breaking me”. She also said: “I made you my world and you didn’t catch on. Now it’s a problem that I’m living my very own life, without you.”
Has your actress K Naomi fallen in love again?

A heartbroken K Naomi also shared an email from Shimza, which he signed “yours in music” which trended on Twitter with many weighing in on the matter.

One thing is needless to say, K Naomi has moved on from that messy heartbreak and has even shared that she at now in her life she wouldn’t believe getting back with the DJ.

K Naomi asked her followers would they revisit with their exes. an issue that was later then posed towards her.

“Good question, that was a chapter in my life that I need to experience. Right now, I wouldn’t,” she replied.

Things between the ex are good they need even have a snap of themselves together at the event, which happened last year and K Naomi casually posted.