Housekeeper’s talking about Clive’s first meeting with his son.

Housekeeper’s talking about Clive’s first meeting with his son.

Housekeeper's talking about Clive's first meeting with his son.

Housekeepers S2 continues to tug viewers down the rabbit burrow as Clive meets his other son, born to the lady his family killed.

How many plot twists does this season of Housekeepers have? We are beginning to lose count. Are we complaining? No. The show always leaves our jaws on the ground and it keeps getting juicier. the newest shocker came in the week after it had been revealed that Mtho is really Clive’s biological son.

It seems the late June Ndlovu had a relationship with Clive a few years ago and that they had a toddler together. Although he knew about his son, he never needs to have an opportunity to be a neighborhood of his life. it had been revealed that June and Clive had a sophisticated romance and couldn’t be together because he was still married to his current wife, Noli. Mrs. Ngubane knew exactly what proportion her husband loved June.

Clive meets Mtho
Now, a few years later, Clive has decided that he wants to be involved in his child’s life. He told Noli that he would have a look for him and that’s exactly what he did. He took off and visited June’s grave. While he was standing there, he met Mtho, who had gone there to wash the grave.

The young man introduced himself as June’s son and asked Clive what he was doing there. He made up a story about how June had nursed him back to health when he was in the hospital. Miho was happy to satisfy someone who had goodies to mention about his mother. They exchanged numbers and went their separate ways.

Linda saves Mkhonto’s life
When Clive got home, he had a nasty argument with Mkhonto, who was hired by Noli to kill Mtho. Yes, this show gets hotter every second! He confronted her about it and ended up strangling her. Trying to guard Mkhonto, Linda walked and hit Clive on the top, and he fell to the bottom.

It’s clear that Linda only protected Mkhonto because she needs her so as to destroy the Ngubane family. Right now, though, it’s unclear whether Mr. Ngubane remains alive or not. Will he live to ascertain another day? Stay tuned to Housekeepers to seek out out.