Janet Jackson pays tribute to the talented little dancer and gives Master KG his flowers.

Janet Jackson pays tribute to the talented little dancer and gives Master KG his flowers.

Is there anywhere within the world where the proudly South African song, Jerusalema, hasn’t made an impact? What started off as a #JerusalemaChallenge within the Democratic Republic of Congo and shortly travelled everywhere the planet to Europe and Asia has now even reached the us of America. the importance of the song, especially during the world-wide pandemic has made it a worldwide hit and even catapulted Nomcebo Zikode and Master KG to the highest of worldwide music streaming lists.

Ashamedly, the song Jerusalema didn’t become successful in Mzansi until it started being recognised globally. First, it wasn’t even considered for a South African Music Award, much to the frustration of South Africans and even Black Coffee himself, who lambasted the awards show for his or her ignorance.

With quite 100 million views on YouTube, luck was close to change for the higher.

The one and only Janet Jackson, sister to the late Jackson and one among the best female artists to ever live, Tweeted a shoutout to a touch girl dancing to Jerusalema and tagged Master KG himself. within the short video clip, the small girl are often seen killing the floor together with her slick and versatile moves.

American Tweeps were utterly impressed by the small girl, while South African Tweeps were fully force claiming her for the country in Janet Jackson’s comment section.

Twitter investigators even puled out receipts and revealed who the talented Princess was, hailing from Mamelodi, Pretoria her name is Nala and she or he managed to grab the eye of an entertainment veteran.

Both Master KG and Nomcebo Zikode expressed their gratitude to Janet Jackson for her recognition of their global hit song in separate Tweets.

Their global exposure and recognition by famous celebrities comes just a couple of days after Christiano Ronaldo, one among the worlds most famous soccer players was seen jamming to Jerusalema together with his family. Just a couple of days ago, the song went platinum in Italy, a rustic that does not even understand what’s being on said on the song.

According to TimesLIVE, Master KG said “There were tons of international record labels that wanted to require care of my career on behalf of me going forward. I chose Elektra France because they understand the music that I’m doing.

“Most of their artists do house music – David Guetta is additionally under them – in order that they understand danceroom music . I partnered with them to push my career to subsequent level,” said Master KG.”

Another week and he finishes at number 2 on Shazam Global, does one think there are still big things coming for Jerusalema?