Java Talks about Ongoing Rape Case and gives a Statement Regarding this.

Java Talks about Ongoing Rape Case and gives a Statement Regarding this.

Sjava has finally decided to interrupt his silence following the rape allegations made by ex-lover Lady Zamar. during a statement he denies raping her however apologises for the hurt he caused Zamar, but the rape accusations are consistent with him false.

He claims that he’s currently not working due to these allegations and has been losing many gigs because it’s been dragging for quite a year now.

“The reason for doing this video is because i would like to clear the air on the continued rumours and speculations with everything happening in my life. the rationale I even have been silent was because we aren’t allowed to talk about it because it is an ongoing case,” he started off the video.

Opening abreast of his relationship with the Collide hitmaker, he said she knew that he had a lady in his life but she agreed to continue dating him until it came to some extent where she wanted him to chose. Sjava reveals he never had time for her hence the frustration and feelings of neglect that made her feel unloved.

“When we started dating in 2017 I told her I even have a girlfriend and she or he understood that so we continued our relationship. However as time went on she changed and gave me an ultimatum to chose between her and my girlfriend. In our relationship tons happened that left her unhappy as i used to be well invested in my music and neglecting her within the process,” he opened .

Another startling revelation is that he’s not married because it was claimed by his own mother and rubbishes the headlines which spoke of him fathering a toddler he’s not supporting.

“I hear the rumours of me being a husband , i’m not married and that i saw the headlines of me not paying support payment , I don’t have a toddler ,” he pack up those rumours.
Java Talks about Ongoing Rape Case and gives a Statement Regarding this.

The events that transpired at Sun Arena left her humiliated, disrespected and embarrassed as people called her names. The record label boss apologises for such humiliation as he believes it put a strain in their relationship, “I take the blame and that i apologise for that and not loving you the way you wanted to.”

He is against rape and ladies abuse or abuse of all forms, it baffles him that he would be categorized under those men who are abusers because he speaks about it tons through his music.

He unreservedly denies raping Lady Zamar and stands by his word. He says he cannot support his family now because he’s losing gigs and work all due to this ongoing case that’s yet to be solved.

He has tried going to rock bottom of the matter by contacting the police also as Zamar’s team but it continuously gets dragged.

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