#JerusalemDanceChallenge Goes International

#JerusalemDanceChallenge Goes International

#JerusalemDanceChallenge Goes International

The SAMAs might not have recognized Master KG’s hit song Jerusalem but the song has appropriated the world!
Master KG dropped the hit last year and it had been an enormous success with it being played across the country and it seems now it’s the planet dancing.

Master KG dominating the international music scene

It’s already a chart-topping song on playlists in over 10 countries and now the #JersulemaDanceChallenge is taking up.

Master KG recently celebrated another huge milestone because the video reached 40 million views in only 7 months, following its release.

Videos of individuals from France, Tanzania, Sweden, Jamaica and Italy are seen across social media as people dance to the banger of a song.

The song even features a Spanish remake sung by Matias Javier all the way in Santiago Chile.

Master KG’s Mzansi fans couldn’t be prouder of the Limpopo musician and are showing him crazy love on social media with some even calling his song the new Sister Betina.

source: zalebs

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