Jo-Ann Strauss is a perfect woman on her 40th birthday

Jo-Ann Strauss is a perfect woman on her 40th birthday

Today, Jo-Ann Strauss, the previous Miss South Africa (2000) who wears many successful hats as a South African media personality, philanthropist, model, businesswoman, and mother of 4, celebrates her 40th birthday today.

Jo-Ann Strauss is a perfect woman on her 40th birthday

In the year 2000, as a young, ambitious, and absolutely gorgeous 19-year-old student, Jo-Ann Strauss tried her luck at the Miss South Africa national beauty contest and won. There has been no looking back since.

As one of South Africa’s most valued media personalities, Jo-Ann uses her personality and standing to support and make initiatives to assist people.

As she celebrates her big day, here’s a glance at what she has been up to.

Michael Held and Jo-Ann Strauss welcome their newborn

On Mother’s Day, wearing a classy Khosi Nkosi outfit and a mask, Jo-Ann Strauss announced that she was pregnant.

This is the fourth child for Michael Held and Jo-Ann Strauss. While she was visibly excited, she voiced her fears of being pregnant during an epidemic.

Her Instagram post read:

“Being a mother are some things I will be able to never deem granted. And being blessed with our fourth baby later this year is beyond our wildest dreams…It is a surreal time to expect, a very strange time to experience joy and hope when the planet has changed such a lot. I’m grateful that our baby is in a safe place in which her/ his brother and sisters are already so protective and excited.”

After parturition to her beautiful daughter, she took to Instagram to mention this:

“Our baby arrived safe and sound on her daddy’s birthday. As far as gifting goes, I feel she takes the cake 🎂 😉 many thanks for keeping us in your prayers and for your kind wishes. We are still in our little love bubble and slowly re-entering reality, except, for now, this blissful bubble is simply what we would have liked to urge to understand one another .”

Celebrities on ad

After hosting the Afrikaans lifestyle and celebrity show Pasella, Jo-Ann Strauss hosted the Saturday lifestyle called ad. On this show, she hosted celebrities like Sir Elton John, Sir Richard Branson, Donatella Versace, Charlize Theron, Princess Charlene of Monaco, among others.

The Princess Project

Her title as Miss South Africa earned Jo-Ann the worldwide appreciation and partnerships with prominent humanitarian organizations besides the apparent employment, and opportunities to interact in business investments.

In 2008, Jo-Ann Strauss spearheaded the Princess Project to offer young girls that graduate, the chance to attend their “Matric Balls” or “Proms” in stylish dresses owned earlier, by South Africa’s top celebrities. In 2010, she partnered with the International Fashion Sale to succeed in more young ladies in SA.

She’s most certainly been a shining beacon for a variety of women that search to her and therefore the future looks bright for her too.

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