Jub Jub owes R125,000 and has no repayment ability

Jub Jub owes R125,000 and has no repayment ability

Jub Jub owes R125,000 and has no repayment ability

Popular Uyajola 9/9 host Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye has been accused of failing to pay R125 000 he owes to Businessperson Ellen Nkutha.

Speaking to City Press, Nkutha said that she cashed out her pension money and purchased Jub Jub’s legal fees in 2011. This after the musician struggled to foot his legal bills.

Ikuta said before Jub Jub was jailed, she accommodated him and Kelly Khumalo in her house and gave them money and groceries. Ikuta said she and Jub Jub’s mother, Mama Jackie, were friends but fell out after she accommodated Kelly Khumalo in her house.

” I welcomed them into my house with warm hands. I wont to go shopping for them because at that point they were browsing financial strain. that’s when Molemo approached me to [ask that] I assist him together with his legal fees.

“Now that I’m not working, I would like my a refund. I made a decision to return out publicly, to not ruin his name or reputation, but because I’ve exhausted all efforts to urge back what’s thanks to me as he has been ignoring my calls said Nkutha.

Nkutha made the payments directly into Motloung’s account in four installments made between March and June 2011.

The first payment was R30 000 on March 16, the second of an equivalent amount went through on May 23, R20 000was deposited on June 20 and therefore the last installment was paid on the summer solstice.

Nkutha claims that since Jub Jub was released from jail in 2017, he has been avoiding him.
Jub Jub owes R125,000 and has no repayment ability

“Every time I call him as soon as he recognizes my voice he hangs up the phone, this is often sad because once I helped him he promised to pay back the cash. I trusted him supported the long-standing relationship I had together with his parents. But I’m hurt that after I genuinely helped him, he did not pay back especially after I used to be there for him during his difficult time,” the disappointed Nkutha said.

She said when Jub Jub was in jail, she visited demand her money from his father but she told her she must get her money from Jub Jub.

“When Molemo was in prison, I visited demand my money from his father, but he told me that Molemo was sufficiently old and he was liable for the payment, not them as parents.”

In September 2019, Nkutha said she visited Jub Jub ‘s employers, Moja likes to invite help with getting back her a refund, and that they advised her to serve them with a garnishee order.

” I felt it had been getting to be a tedious exercise and that I just left it alone. I used to be hoping that he was getting to have sympathy and pay me after that”, she said.

Recently Jub Jub was a guest on Somizi’s cooking show – ‘Dinner at Somizi’s, during which he said that, when he came out of prison, he made sure he took care of all the people that were there for him during his tough times.

“Unfortunately, I’m one among the people he has forgotten to seem after,” Nkutha lamented