K.O advises newcomers in his field to have a strong heart

K.O advises newcomers in his field to have a strong heart

South African hip hop artist K.O has some words of wisdom for aspiring musicians within the country in hopes of preparing them for the tough industry they hope to become a neighborhood of.

K.O advises newcomers in his field to have a strong heart

The rapper, who has been a victim of cyberbullying within the past, claimed to possess been ready to withstand the hate over the years thanks to his mentality and skin.

He stated, “My meekness & smile make me think the sport is straightforward. Still mad folks that hate my entire existence outchea, I went against the grain to guard my legacy & brand once they tried ta get me tf outta here! God’s favor the sole reason I’m still standing.”

Many of his fans praised him for having the ability to ignore the haters and specialize in his music and fans. Odwa Lugonolo responded with, “’ll always respect you Grootman for the fight that you simply fought during that difficult period on ur life where everybody was thrash talking ur name and ur brand… You were labeled as a Sellout and a selfish guy but u fought u never gave up u are an idea .”

In hopes of protecting aspiring musicians from the difficulties he was forced to endure, K.O attempted to drop some knowledge on the longer-term generation.

He said, “All new/up & coming artists ingest this into your system pronto: you’re not made for this game if you can’t handle pressure, ‘hate’, critics, bad press, fake love, fake news about you, etc… this industry is def not for the fainthearted, trust me I know! Stay prayed up always.”

In August 2020, K.O opened and claimed that he has opened more doors to other rappers than everyone else because he has signed artists to his record labels. The Supa Dupa hitmaker revealed this on Twitter where he posted a video. He mentioned that he has been within the music industry for the past 14 years and has been very consistent as he keeps putting out the beats.

The rapper also mentioned within the video that he was the sole guy in Hip Hop that had five SAMA nominations and he won the simplest Collaboration award which was for the song he did with Nandi Madida which is named, “Say you will”.