Kamo Mphela joins the rapping team and becomes the only girl on it

Kamo Mphela joins the rapping team and becomes the only girl on it

The MTV Base SA Hottest MCs in 2020 once more trends for all the incorrect reasons.

Kamo Mphela joins the rapping team and becomes the only girl on it

Year in, year out there are new panelists who debate about who is that the best rapper in South Africa, and that they also attempt to find out the state of SA hip/hop. in fact, not everyone has equivalent views because the panelists hence the uproar on social media

Controversial music figure Nota Baloyi, who is additionally married to the sensational Berita Soul, has caught some heat like he always does for the bombs he drops now then. Nota is additionally famously known for being Kwesta’s ex-manager and also for having a no-filter approach to certain celebrities.

A clip has been circulating everywhere on social media where a snippet from this year’s #BaseHottestMCs countdown show sees Kamo Mphela being called a rapper. Just to offer a touch bit more context, Kamo Mphela maybe a dancer and Amapiano vocalist, also as a performer.

Kamo broke into the entertainment scene as a dancer who wont to bring the heat to the club dancefloors, before deciding to use her voice as a musician. She is certainly not a rapper. a minimum of until she decides otherwise, except for now, she is one among the most well-liked Amapiano escape stars this year.

When Nota declared her to be more influential than Costa Titch, who is additionally one of the most well-liked escape rappers this year, social media went berserk. The South African Hip Hop Awards nominee recently released his debut album Made In Africa, which is doing great but the rapper got slammed for cultural appropriation. His sort of rapping is essentially influenced by vernal which doesn’t sit well with people due to the very fact that he’s white.
Kamo Mphela joins the rapping team and becomes the only girl on it

During the conversation which was headed by popular female DJ Ms. Cosmo, the panelists get into a really heated debate when trying to compile an inventory of the highest hip hop artists within the country for this year. Nota downplayed Costa’s influence by saying Kamo Mphela was more influential than he was within the hip hop industry.

“I don’t think Costa Titch has had more impact than Kamo Mphela,” said Nota because the whole panel teases him. Cosmo then asks him only for clarification whether Kamo may be a rapper, Nota replied by saying, “yes, she’s a rapper.”

Judging by the clip shared, the panel doesn’t seem to get on an equivalent boat as there are tons of disagreements. At some point, Cosmo wants Nota off the stage.

Another startling revelation that folks picked up is Nota claiming to possess started South African Hip Hop.

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