Kayise Ngqula is beyond the peaceful death of her husband.

Kayise Ngqula is beyond the peaceful death of her husband.

Kayise Ngqula is beyond the peaceful death of her husband.

Just a year ago she was a newlywed, a replacement mother and was on top of the planet career-wise.

Then at some point, her whole world changed. Kaise Ngqula (28) went from being a newlywed with a baby to being a widow after her husband tragically died during a car crash. It’s been a year since the death of her Zimbabwean husband, Farai Sibanda, and Kayise remains to get wont to live without him.

She’s now getting back on screen to undertake to embrace the life she has now. She’s joined the cast of Housekeepers season 2, exploring a replacement side of herself within the industry.

It hasn’t been easy finding the strength to maneuver forward after losing her husband and therefore the father of her one-year-old son, Tinashe. “That was painful. Shu! I don’t have the words for it,” Kayise says.

“What has kept me going is my son, my world. I realize I don’t get to prove myself, I can come as I’m, it’s all a part of who I’m. I feel my journey will inspire others to rise above their tragedies. Life is basically for living. For as long as I’m still breathing, I owe it to myself to seem forward to the times ahead,” she adds.

Kaise has also had to affect her own physical injuries from the crash including many fractures.

At the time, she had been busy shooting a production but had to place that on hold until she got healed. Two months after the crash, she shared a video of herself in the hospital where she is seen wearing an orthopedic boot and using crutches while walking. She tried to seek out the words of how she was feeling a year ago, a month after the accident when she posted this on Instagram.

“I certainly don’t have the words to explicitly express how I’m coping without him, the pain is just too great. I did however feel strong enough to type this caption bent simply say many thanks for all of you who have carried my pain and reached out.

I am slowly recuperating from the injuries I sustained however my heart is way from healing. For now, this is often all I can manage, until then still keep me in your prayers.” It’s taken tons of effort to heal and obtain a far better place. And prayer is what has lifted her through it all. “I was raised during a prayerful family. My mother is [a] strong prayer warrior.

I think, by far, this is often something that she has passed right down to me. Although it’s not always been easy to wish. Sometimes we question why life throws certain things at us. I even have always tried to recollect that even in my worst circumstances, God doesn’t change. Sometimes He allows things to happen so He can show us our own strength.”

Kayise Ngqula is beyond the peaceful death of her husband.

Kaise is now back onscreen, this point as an actress. tons of individuals didn’t know she could act, she says laughing. “I actually started acting before I started presenting,” the previous Our Perfect Wedding (OPW) presenter says. South Africans fell crazy together with her when she started presenting the leading reality television program in 2017.

She took over from guest presenter Lerato Zah Moloi and quickly became popular. She admits it’s a pleasing surprise to possess remained so memorable even after leaving the show. “OPW may be a show that changed my life,” she adds. She’s delighted to possess people to welcome her back to the spotlight. “The response has been humbling and to ascertain people embracing my return on their screens the way they need is amazing,” Kayise says.

In the Mzansi Magic’s Housekeepers season 2, she’s acting alongside thespians like Thando Thabethe, Lindani Nkosi, Liopelo Maphathe, SK Khoza, Xolile Tshabalala, Lorcia Kumalo, and Dumisani Mbebe. within the story, she plays a domestic worker, Beauty.

She is close to Linda (Thando Thabethe), another domestic worker who is confident and feisty, the other of what Beauty is. “She doesn’t skill to face up for herself, with a horrible boss too. She likes her job, I think,” Kayise says with amusing. “It is basically exciting to be playing this role. Understanding what domestic workers undergo.

They put their lives on hold to require care of our homes. and that we never really appreciate that,” she continues. in any case she has skilled within the past year, she loves that she will revisit to the dreams she wanted to fulfill.

“To be ready to roll in the hay again is empowering. It allows me to be stronger and believe in my craft. I’m excited, it couldn’t have come at a far better time. June marks a year since my life took a 360 [-degree turn] and it’s excellent to understand that nearly a year later, there has been some light and [I’ve] been ready to rise above.”


She grew up in East London and knew her destiny was within the show business. As a multifaceted person, she was keen on planting herself where there was potential for growth.

“I have always put within the work to kind of find my place within the industry. I feel I always checked out myself as someone who may be a triple threat. As I got older, I used to be drawn to acting then presenting,” she tells Move!. She’s acted during a Mzansi Magic drama titled Complicated and Mina Nawe, an SABC1 drama.
Kayise Ngqula is beyond the peaceful death of her husband.

Other productions she acted in were Lokshin Bioskop shows on Mzansi Magic. “I get DMs from aspiring actors who want to be during this space and questions like ‘Where do I start’ or ‘How do I begin?’ i used to be once that tiny girl who wanted to urge an opportunity. I even have really put within the work to be seen. I’m grateful to be afforded the opportunities I even have. But I even have an entire lot more to offer. I’m on my way, but I even have come far. I’m looking forward to showing those people that didn’t know I could act a side of me they didn’t know.”

Kaise hopes this is often the start of greater roles to return. “It is all love, it’s a calling, it’s not something you awaken one morning and choose to try to to. It really does demand tons from you. I actually want to continue exploring more of my talents. I would like to seek out myself becoming a pioneer within the industry albeit it’s at an ownership level.

I want to make a platform for more creatives to enter the industry.” Kaise has also been performing on what she calls a “passion project” within the past year. She can’t share an excessive amount of about it for now but promises it’ll be out soon.

“Right now, I actually just want to require a charge of my career, to be stronger and embrace life. once you have skilled what I even have been through, you die inside, so I actually want to start out embracing life and searching forward to the longer term .”